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Sundays In My City
Welcome back! This week, I am participating again in this fun blog hop invented by Claudya (formerly known as the Unknown Mami); be sure and click on over here to visit more participating blogs this week!
Last weekend, we ventured to the next town over from here, Boise, to Garden City, Idaho. Our church, Vineyard Boise, was putting on the third and final huge party of the summer to welcome all the families and especially the youths of Garden City. There was supposed to be ice cream (I say this because there was last time, and I wanted some, darn it), but they were all out. That's okay; they had plenty more with which to enthrall us. Here's Rob and me at the outset, after turning the kids - including Neighbor Kid (NK), who is my son Jack's best bud - loose on the field.
There were tons of LEGO bricks to play with, which was appropriate since the movie of the night was LEGO Batman, along with plenty of other arts & crafts-type stuff.
Lots of games were being played out in the big wide open; I suspect my son and NK had disappeared somewhere out there. I didn't see them again until much later, after the movie had started.
Under that tent, they were giving out bags of popcorn, huge pink sticks of cotton candy, and delicious cups of shaved ice treats. They were also doling out cups of water to combat the heat, and in the back, they were painting faces. I'm telling you, this event was huge!
Oh, and lots of folks brought their dogs. I wish we could trust our dogs to behave like that, but our neurotic Chihuahua, Paco, and our chunky weiner, Tapioca, are just unreliable like that. Oh, well.
Lots of volunteers were on hand to make the event run as smoothly as possible. I had wanted to sign up and help with cotton candy or something like that, but with the Lyme Disease rampage going on in my body, I'm completely unreliable right now. Sucks. I'm thankful for all the volunteers there, though, who did make things go well!
My daughters, Chloë (smiling) and Sophia (hiding, inexplicably), waiting in line for face-painting. The lines were immense; if memory serves, they quit before reaching the front of the line!
Later, Sophia was sitting on her blanket (front right corner chewing done courtesy of the aforementioned chunky weiner-meets-Jaws pup of ours, Tapi), wrapping her knee in bandages.  MAN! Ever since she broke her arm last summer, Sophie has met with many trials and tribulations in that regard. She's broken her toe, sprained her ankle, and on this night, popped something in her kneecap. I'm about to cover her in bubble wrap!
By 9 PM, Chloë was beyond ready for the LEGO Batman movie to begin! She did not have long to wait. What a great turnout we had that night! You can't see it from this picture, but blankets were set up everywhere around the field.
On one last trip to the snack food tent before the movie started, Rob went to collect the girls (the boys came back on their own sometime later) and bring back more eats. I ate so much junk that night: candy, strawberry-flavored shaved ice, two or three bags of popcorn... ay ay ay! That certainly wasn't in the dietary plan, but I guess I needed a night off!
So that's the sort of thing happening around Garden City, Idaho. Let's go check out what's happening elsewhere in the world!