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Sundays In My City: Music On The Water #Boise #Idaho

Sundays In My City

 Hey everyone! I'm joining in with Claudya over here on her blog for this week's edition of (her) Sundays in my City. Saturday night (so yesterday), I took the kids to Boise's Esther Simplot Park for the first time, to enjoy the Summer Concert scene. There is a lagoon or something right there at the park for swimming, so I knew they would enjoy that, while I wanted to go out and hear some new music and enjoy the local culture some more. Here are a few snaps from our evening:


I'm trying out some new editing options and frames on BeFunky for this post. Not sure I like it, but whatevs, it's done. I love this sign with which we were greeted to last night's event!


We were late to the party, which started at 2 PM, and we got there at 7:20 PM! When we arrived, it was just prior to the last music act's arrival, and some women were talking. After dropping the chillens off at the lake, I took a seat and listened to them talk about domestic violence and sexual assault, and how to help people affected by these. Personally, this is a subject near and dear to my heart, so I paid close attention to the speakers from Women & Children's Alliance.


Lots of people came out for the event, which was nice. I suspect it had been busier earlier in the day, though.


Many vendors were on hand for the event, too. We made the rounds after the kids came up from swimming to hang with their Mum.


Behind the stage while reggae sometime-cover band Voice of Reason was playing. I liked their sound a lot, and tons of people were up front dancing, but I was in the back. Listening to people grumble. I couldn't really pick up anything specific, but I knew they weren't down with the sound, and maybe it was because the event was coming to a close, but they were leaving in droves. Whatever. We stayed.


Boise is a pretty 'green' city, and I love that about it. Lots of people walk or ride bikes around town, instead of driving, and recycling is big here. Yay.


Bunches of the now-ubiquitous food trucks were there, so of course we had to partake of some of their goods. Boise Fries was actually out of potatoes when Jack and I stopped by, and we were told to come back in 10 - no five - no three - minutes when they would have more. (Make up my mind!) When we came back, they handed us some fries and said, "no charge." What? How nice! Definitely appreciated that. We picked up some ketchup and aioli sauces for dipping, sprinkled on some sea salt, and chowed on the awesome fries.

(Free does make things taste better, doesn't it?!)


After the fries, we walked over to The Gyro Shack and picked up some baklava for the four of us to share, and some hummus and pita for the girls and me. Jack is decidedly not into hummus. I wanted to stop by when the music was over and pick up a lamb gyro for Hubs - his favorite - but I was about 30 seconds too late. Gah.




After food, we walked around and visited the other vendors. At the main booth, they were giving away the event t-shirts, so not only did the four of us each score a free high-quality shirt, but I got one for Hubs, too! Win!

Also, the girls were able to get their faces painted for free, with only a suggested donation to the domestic violence shelter. We happily forked over a few bucks, and the artist did a beautiful job on both of them!


Also, when the girls momentarily left to find Porta-Potties, Jack and I snuck back to the quartz (etc.) jewelry maker to snag these pretty opalescent dangly earrings that Chloe had expressed serious and sincere interest in at an earlier visit. She'll be 16 (!!!) on September 7th, so I gave her these as an early birthday present after returning home from the park. She was delighted!


At 9 PM or so, it was finally time to take our leave. The sun was setting, and everyone was breaking down displays and heading off. I snapped one last picture of the perfect, beautiful sunset over the lake, and off we went.

So that's Boise, Idaho, on an August Saturday evening for you. Now, as Claudya says,

"Share your city/town/suburb/you name it! Think of this as a photography carnival that lets you share your part of the world and lets you travel virtually. If you link up, please link back or post the Sundays In My City button either in your post or sidebar to let people know that other bloggers are sharing their communities too. Happy trails!

"Let’s travel the world together!"

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