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Saturday 9: Da Doo Ron Ron

We Have Eggs!


We have eggs, y'all! We haven't figured out which of our now-eight hens are laying, but we're sure it's more than one. We're thinking Daisy and my Athena (our white Silky), but that's all we know so far.


The eggs are so tiny! They're about half the size of a store-bought Large egg. I don't know what that translates to in official terms, but they're really small. Do chicken eggs grow as the chickens grow? I should probably find out - or I guess I will, that is.


So far we've collected 8 eggs, I think. Which is good, because since I've had a tonsillectomy just 6 days ago, I haven't been able to eat much beside the omelettes Rob has been making for me. They taste delicious, and I feel good knowing we've been feeding them the best food and treats available (shout out to Zamzows on Federal Way!) and nothing that isn't the best for them - and us.

So other than my major medical issues going on right now, that's about it from Team Odette at the moment. Every morning is at least one new egg, which is so fun. Sophia is usually the one who finds them. She comes in victoriously with the egg, joy written all over her face.

Take care, now.