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Saturday 9: Get Down Tonight

Hey everyone! I'm home alone with the two younger kidlets tonight while Hubs and Chloë are headed to Utah to volunteer for a big Quidditch match. Chloë is really into Quidditch and all things Harry Potter, so there they be. Anyway, let's get to it! Link up here if you're playing along this weekend.


Saturday 9: Get Down Tonight (1975)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Tonight, KC has three things on his "to-do" list: do a little dance, make a little love and get down. Tell us three things you'd like to accomplish this weekend.

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Well, I'd love to do those three things tonight, too, but I don't think Hubs would appreciate it while he's out of town! hahaha! So instead I'd like to get caught up on all my reports, get my clothes all organized and put away, and organized all my yarns (and maybe even use some!). Super exciting.

2) This week's song is considered emblematic of disco, a genre that had as many detractors as fans. Is there a kind of music you simply cannot stand?

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I can abide by and even adore almost every kind of music except for country. Not a fan. Never will be.

3) Before becoming a musician, KC, aka Harry Casey, worked in a record store. In those days, record stores were very popular. Peaches, Coconuts, Sam Goody and Tower Records are four store chains that once dotted the landscape but now are gone. Today, if you wanted to purchase a CD, where would you turn?

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I wouldn't! These days, all my muzak is digital.

4) One of his duties at the record store was unloading the big corrugated shippers filled with LPs. What's the heaviest thing you've lifted lately?

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The groceries. All $530 worth of groceries at once. Okay, I'm a little prone to exaggeration, but...

5) KC is proud that he's lived his entire life in Miami-Dade County. Do you expect to change your address in the next year or so?

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Oh, now I'm gonna do the ugly cry! I'm really missing Miami like crazy this past week or two!! We moved here to Boise from Miami. Wahhhhhh!

6) In 1975, the year this song was popular, former Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa disappeared, never to be seen again. Many theories flourish about what may have happened to him. Is there a famous criminal case that has a hold on your attention?

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You mean like this one? Yeah. #IMPEACH

7) Jaws was the most popular movie of 1975. Are you afraid of sharks?


Hell no. I would love to swim with sharks again and I'd go RIGHT NOW if I could. Beautiful, enthralling creatures. Even if I did crap my pants in the sea the first time I dove with them... but we've told that story before! ;)

8) Actress Angelina Jolie was born in 1975. People magazine once named her "most beautiful." Who is the most beautiful woman you can think of?


I've always had a thing for Alyssa Milano, ever since her young teen days on Who's The Boss?

9) Random question: A wizard offers you a choice -- would you like your life to stay as it is right now (in terms of your health, your career, your relationships and your finances) for the next 5 years, or would you like to take a chance that the future will be brighter?

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I would always take the chance on a brighter future!


Super fun, Crazy Sam! Thanks for the questionnaire! ;)

Cheers, y'all.