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Saturday 9: Suddenly I See

Hello, hello, friends and guests! ;) So it's 10:35 PM here in Idaho, which means that I'm not technically late for Sat9, amirite?? So don't dock my pay. I've been a busy girl today, and here I am just getting home. So let's do this, shall we? Link up here to play along this weekend!


Saturday 9: Suddenly I See (2005)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is a tribute to Patti Smith, the rocker who inspired KT Tunstall. What woman has inspired you?
My mama. She was not long for this Earth, but she taught me how to be a good mother and a decent human being. I strive to be a small fraction as wonderful as she was every single day.

2) In this video, you can see a turntable and an LP. When is the last time you played a record? 
Image result for cabbage patch kid record
Oh, gosh, we're probably talking late 80s, and it was probably this CPK one! I knew every word!

3) Growing up, Ms. Tunstall seldom sang at home because her father is severely hearing impaired and music interfered with his sensitive hearing aid. Do you, or does anyone in your family, wear a hearing aid?
Image result for miracle ear funny
No, but OMG I wish my husband would! The VA won't approve it because they think his hearing is "fine." Bullshit. The Navy blew his ears out with all those helicopters and LCACs. (We won't go there with all the concerts.) He shouts when he talks and drives me up a wall. "Fine," my butt!

4) In high school, she got experience performing on street corners. Have you ever tipped a street musician? 
LA Trip with Chloe 020
Heck yeah, all the time! I love buskers! This was Clare Means, whom I am following on Instagram, on the Santa Monica Pier in LA, in May. She's pretty awesome. Check her out. ;)

5) When this song was popular, Microsoft introduced the Xbox 360 to North America. Are you into gaming?
Image result for words with friends meme
Meh. We have a Wii, which I love, and a Xbox One S, which is cool for the kids, but I'm mostly into Words With Friends on my phone.
6)  In 2005, Prince Charles married his long-time love, Camilla Parker Bowles. At the time of their wedding, 73% of Brits said they disapproved of her. Today, her popularity has increased somewhat and her disapproval has dropped to 55%. Do you know anyone who married someone you didn't like? Did their spouse grow on you with time?
Yes.... and no. No further details, please. ;)
7) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was popular in theaters. Who is your favorite "Harry Potter" character?
Image result for awesome hermione

So, like, I haven't actually read the books or watched the movies. Yet. But my daughters are seriously into all things Harry Potter, and so I can somewhat confidently say I think Hermione would be/is my fave.

8) In 2005, YouTube was introduced by three young men who met while working at PayPal. What's the last thing you paid for using PayPal?
Gotta go look...
Shakshuka with feta and toasted pita
Oh, cool. It's our next - and first - order from Sun Basket! Our three meals will be vegetarian because me, but there are other (meatier) options at Sun Basket if you want to give it a try. If you use my link, you'll get $35 off your order! I can't wait to get this Shakshuka With Feta & Toasted Pita, along with our other two meals. YUM, I love food delivery services, do y'all?
9) Random Question: After a long, exhausting day of travel, you check into a motel. The room is not at all to your liking. It's next to the ice machine, so you can hear cubes dropping noisily into metal buckets. Your view is of the parking lot. The bath towels and thin and tiny. In short, you feel like you're being ripped off. Do you grab your bag, turn on your heel and check out, hoping there are better accommodations nearby? Or do you say, "What the hell, it's only one night," and climb into bed?
That sounds exactly like the motel where we recently stayed in Utah for the Young Living Fall Festival. The room was dreadful. But we were exhausted and went the "what the hell" route. Never again!
Well that was fun! And now I'm tired, and I haven't done Sunday Stealing yet, and I still have lengthy reports to write. Dear me. I think a nap is in order.