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Sunday Stealing: Bah Humbug

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From Hostess Bev: Bah Humbug!  Before we get all warm and cozy for the upcoming holidays, here's a chance to let out all those angry feelings you've been harboring.  I copied this a long time ago and don't remember where I stole it from. 

TV show I loathe:

Image result for Fox and friends meme

Well, anything at Fox "News" pretty much sucks, particularly "Fox and Friends." Blech. Ain't no friends of mine!

Movie I loathe:

Image result for ernest goes to camp

Earnest Goes to Camp and any others in that franchise pretty much bite the big fat one for me!

Music genres I loathe:

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Country music. Country anything, really, does not appeal to me. Deep South, no thanks. I can't abide by any of that... mentality. #SorryNotSorry

Magazine which annoys me:

December 9th Advent

Cosmopolitan - I used to enjoy it when I was younger, but now that I'm in my forties (egad), every single fookin' article about "Your Best SEX Ever!" grates on me. Like, If I haven't done or am not doing it by now, find someone else. No thanks!

Makes me cranky at restaurant:

Image result for finding meat in vegetarian food

It really irritates me when I order a meal that is either labeled as "vegan" or "vegetarian" or just doesn't disclose its meaty ingredients, and then I get all hyped up for something yummy, only to take a bite and... ewwww, ground beef. Cue the instant tears. No lie, I cry. This makes for a very unhappy Smellyann. I have left restaurants and never returned over nonsense like this. (I'm looking at you Outback Steakhouse!)

Makes me cranky in public:

Image result for people smoking near entrances meme

People who smoke in public. ESPECIALLY those who smoke near businesses' entrances. ESPECIALLY entrances to hospitals and restaurants. Y'all can burn.

Makes me impatient at home: 


It irritates me when I give my family members an abundance of notice that we need to leave for a certain thing at a certain time and, when that time nears, nobody is ready. GAH! Especially when it's something we do week in and week out, like ::ahem:: Sophie's horse riding lessons! ;)

Makes me impatient at work: 

Image result for teacher frustration meme

Frustration over teaching my students (my kids) the exact same concept over and over and over and over... (especially Math!)

Celebrity I hate: 

Image result for stevie nicks

Stevie Nicks. Okay, okay - I don't actually hate the singer, but the singers voice is what I can't stand. I really can't. I've made a thing about it for years, between Hubs and me, so it's an inside joke for us now. And then once, when we were living in Miami, we had driven down to Key West as a family. We were supposed to have a posh dinner at the posh Westin at the very tip of the island there, and our room was lovely. However, our dinner reservations had been bumped by none other than Ms. Nicks herself! Ha! More fuel for the fire. ;)

Music artist I hate:

Oh. I just covered that (I really should read ahead sometime), but not to worry, I have more. Here's one:

Image result for drake 

Drake. I'm just not a fan. A lot of people complain that rap isn't musical. I disagree, but I find Drake's rap style so... monotonous and dreary that it is not musical. Ugh.

I couldn't care less about:

Image result for sexual hints in Disney movies meme

...All the supposed sexual innuendo in the large vault of Disney movies. I don't look for them and I don't let them change my enjoyment of the actual movies themselves. So :P

Blogger's habit that annoys you: 

Image result for bad grammar meme

I'm sorry, I don't care how much I like talking to you face-to-face, but if your writing is chock-full of bad grammar and poor spelling, then I just won't read it!

Feature on your blog you hate:

Image result for if I hate it why do I keep doing it

None! Why would I continue doing a feature I don't like? I have attempted a few times to start a feature/meme/carnival/whatever of my own, but before I bothered to promote it much and have it catch on, I lost interest myself. So I'm still trying to think of that great idea. Ha!

Politician that you hate:

Image result for horrible picture of donald trump

Enough said, I think! ;)


Well, now that's done. I just woke up from a two-hour nap and feel pretty good, other than having no voice. Hope to see y'all around here really soon!