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Which publication or website do you visit for parenting advice? #CulturelleClubhouse

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As a Proud Parent in the Culturelle Clubhouse, I care a lot about my tween and teens, and their digestive health. There are thousands of other Proud Parents out there just like me!

Full Disclosure: I received a sample of Culturelle Probiotics for Kids for my children to try, in exchange for my participation in this Clubhouse. This occasionally results in posts like these, to help open the dialogue among parents regarding a wide variety of topics. No other compensation has been given or received and, as always, all opinions expressed in this post are my own.

January's Discussion Question is: Which publication or website do you visit for parenting advice?

My absolute favorite parenting website for about the past 7½ years or so is Positive Parenting Solutions, run by Amy McCready.


"About Amy McCready

and Positive Parenting Solutions, Inc.

"Parenting educator and TODAY Show contributor, Amy McCready is a ‘former yeller’ – she’s been in your shoes. So she understands what it is like to feel disappointed and even defeated at times trying to raise positive, happy, well-behaved children. Now, she’s trained more than 60,000 parents in over 21 countries, on 6 continents to transform themselves from YELLERS to calm and cool parents with the tools and strategies to solve the stress, and start to ENJOY their most important job: Raising terrific kids."

Sounds good, right?

When I first purchased access to the website, I was very hopeful that my chaotic household would become tame and more organized. Mostly, I hoped for less yelling. Well, as it turns out, we kind of run on chaos here at Casa de Odette, but the yelling and crying quickly ceased as we started employing the tools in the toolbox we gained from PPS. I heartily recommend the site for anyone who has trouble with yelling and wants to end the, as Amy says, cycle of "blame, shame, and pain" in our parenting encounters.

Now that the kids are older, I'm still employing these techniques as well as new ones that have become more relevant with their changes in ages, as well as the changing times. (How DO we get our kids off the 24/7 desire to be engrossed in technology?!)

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I highly recommend that you check out this webinar, if your homelife is struggling or you just want to bone-up on some excellent parenting techniques and tools for your family's peace.


So check out the Culturelle Probiotics Clubhouse, and if you're game, Positive Parenting Solutions as well! You won't regret you did.