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In honor of the Olympics starting, here are some winter-related questions stolen from Bogglesworld

1. Do you prefer winter or summer? Why?

Image result for summer olympics showjumping

I love them both, and will watch plenty over this next fortnight, but I prefer the Summer Olympics. Now that I have one daughter involved in Showjumping, and the other daughter in Fencing, it's fun to watch and see what they aspire to be like one day. And, my first love is gymnastics.

2. What are your favorite winter activities?


Really, I love anything that gets us out and exploring a new part of our home city or surrounding area that we haven't seen before.

3. Can you tell me about a time you went skiing or skating?

Image result for skiing fail

I haven't been skating in a long time, but I'm not bad at it.  As far as (downhill) skiing, I've never gone except for once, when my pro-ski sister took me to a tall hill and put me in her boots and skis, and sent me down a hill. I landed not far away, like this, and that was the end of that!

4. Have you ever made a snow angel?

Image result for snow angel funny

Oh, yes! I still love making them!

5. Is your house cold?

Image result for cold house funny

I'm no judge; I'm always cold. It'll be 80ºF in here, and I'll still be shivering. Thankful for my heating pad right now!

6. Do you have a fireplace in your house?

Image result for fireplace funny gif

Not this house, but we had on in Va Beach. I'm hoping when we eventually buy our next house, it'll be more spacious and have a fireplace.

7. What do you usually do to keep warm in the winter?

Image result for keeping warm in winter funny

Stay under a thousand blankets when I have nowhere to go! This winter has been mild for us temperature-speaking, but as for me, illness has kept me out of commission for doing anything more fun than that!

8. Have you ever gone hiking in the snow?

Image result for snow hiking funny

Not since  high school. I'm not cut out for snow, I'm afraid.

9. Tell me about a snowball fight you had.

Image result for snowball fight gif

Again, not since high school. We used to have a ton of snow in Syracuse, so making snow forts and snowballs was a piece of cake. I don't remember any specific one, but there were lots!

10. Have you ever looked at a snowflake carefully?

Image result for beautiful snowflakes

Oh, yeah. I love looking at individual snowflakes. They're so beautiful.

11. Do you have a sled? Have you been sledding?

Image result for pulling a sled behind a truck

I haven't been sledding in years, but this was my favorite: when my father would pull the sled behind his truck and zoom around the neighborhood! I bought all three kids a sled for this winter, but we haven't had enough snow to use them yet! Bummer.

12. What do you usually do after a big snowfall?


You mean like this? Not much! We haven't gotten a lot of snow in years - and I'm not unhappy about that!

13. What’s the best thing about winter?

Image result for cute winter clothes

Wearing cute layers!

14. What’s the worst thing about winter?

Image result for being miserable and freezing

Being cold. I abhor being cold! (And I'm always cold.)

15. Have you ever been in a blizzard?

Image result for syracuse blizzard of 1993

I'll never forget being in the Syracuse Blizzard of '93. That solidified my decision to go as far away as I could for college: Miami!

16. Can you describe ice for me?

Image result for slippery when wet funny

Often beautiful to look at, but cold and dangerously slippery - especially when wet

17. Have you ever slipped on ice and hurt yourself?

Image result for falling on ice gif

Every winter for ten years in Syracuse. Yep.

18.Have you ever had to shovel snow?

Image result for shoveling snow funny

Every winter for ten years in Syracuse. Yep.

19. Will you be watching the Olympics?

Image result for 2018 olympics figure skating married couple

I am right now!

20. If yes, what are your favorite events?

Image result for olympic snowboarding gif

I love most of them, except hockey. I don't watch that.


Welp, that's it! Thanks for stopping by, you guys!