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Saturday 9: Is There Life Out There?

Oops, I almost totally forgot about Saturday 9! :O The horror! Anyway, here I am at 8:30 PM, so all is well. ;)

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Is There Life Out There? (1992)
Unfamiliar with this week's song. Hear it here.

1) This song is about a woman who married at 20. It's estimated that the average American groom is 2.5 years older than his bride. Why do you suppose that is?

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Because men at any age are super-immature, maybe? I don't know. My husband is just a nudge over four years my senior, and he acts like he's 12 years old most of the time.

2) A 2014 study shows the bigger the age gap in a marriage, the more likely the couple is to divorce. What do you think is the reason for most divorces?

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They say it's usually money. I guess that might be true. Hubs and I, on the other hand, argue plenty - plenty! - but never about money. I don't know why; we just never do.

3) Reba's second marriage recently ended. Statistics show that second marriages are more likely than first marriages to wind up in divorce. Why do you suppose that is?

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I really don't know, but maybe it's because people seem to have this pre-conceived notion that there is someone (or someones) out there who are just perfect for them. And that will never be the case, although I personally hold that there are tons of good matches out there for everyone, and you either marry the right guy who comes along at the right time, or the first one, or ... you don't. My dad is currently looking for (I think) his seventh wife right now. Goodness knows how many engagement rings that man has purchased. Plenty.

4) This week's featured artist, Reba McEntire, was discovered when she sang The National Anthem at an Oklahoma City rodeo. Have you ever been to the rodeo?

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Nope, and you will never, ever, ever catch me at one. Not ever. It's on my anti-Bucket List. (And along that same line, my kids have never been taken to the circus, either.)

5) Reba dropped out of Southeastern Oklahoma State University to go to Nashville and pursue a recording career. In that way, she's like the woman she sings about in this week's song. "She's done what she should, should she do what she dares?" Do you ever regret a risk or opportunity you didn't take?

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Certainly. I have taken a lot of risks in my life, and I walked away from my Ph.D. program to marry Hubs. I miss shark research a ton, and I often get pangs of regret for not sticking with it. I think I did the right thing, but my heart and soul are always there in the ocean.

6) Reba's heroine is "dying to try something foolish, do something crazy, or just get away." Does that sound like you? What would you do, just for yourself, if time and money were no object?

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I would cruise around the world for the rest of my life. God, I wish I could! In my mind, I'm always traveling. (That ship, the ms Zuiderdam, is the actual ship Hubs and I were on for our Mediterranean cruise in 2008. So beautiful.)

7) Reba recently became a spokesperson for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Whose chicken do you eat most often: Popeye's, Church's, Chick-fil-A or KFC?

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I prefer KFC, but I can't eat chicken now. Maybe that will change after my surgery. (Which is scheduled for March 20th, btw, and I'll be in the hospital over a week. Which of you is going to come visit me and hold my hand? I admit: I'm scared.)

8) In 2001, Reba starred in her own sitcom. On the show, her character is first an administrative assistant and then a real estate agent. Have you ever tried your hand at either of those occupations? If not, which do you think you would be a better fit for you?

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I could never be a successful realtor, because I don't "ask for the sale" when I'm in any kind of sales position. I'm horrible at it; I don't have it in me. I would be an excellent administrative assistant, though, because I'm good at making plans and schedules and organizing things. I have sort of been that before, but not with that title.

9) Random question: Which of these super powers would you rather have -- extraordinary strength or invisibility?

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I don't care about strength, except the inner kind. But being invisible would be very useful in many circumstances, so I choose that one!


That's it, and I'm done before 2100. Thanks for stopping by!