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Sundays In My City
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About nine months ago or so, Team Odette hit up what turned out to be an exceedingly cool thrift shop, ReStyle, right down the road. We'd just recently moved from Miami, FL, to Boise, ID, and we had zero furniture. No beds, no table, nada.
I spotted this couch for just $14.99 (!!!), and while yellow floral is not exactly any of our cups of tea, it was comfortable, and the price was right:
Listen, I had better pictures of it, I know I did, but they seem to have disappeared into the ether.
Here, in this photo of then-15yo Chloë modeling her butt in new jeans, is a slightly better picture. And here, also, is a picture of Tapioca, the dog who would eventually consume the better part of that yellow floral couch. 
By February of this year, it was nearly unrecognizable as furniture, so it had to go. We decided to head back over to Restyle, but this time, we had a 50% discount card in hand, so it was a veritable shopping spree of furnishings and clothing for all. I hoped I could score another great deal on a couch.
(Click to embiggerate)
Oh, we scored! Look at this beautiful, unscathed (for now) white couch! We are not White Couch People, what with two dogs (one of whom is apparently a couch connoisseur), four cats, two guinea pigs, two gerbils, and a handful of backyard chickens... but it's lovely for now! And comfortable, maybe even more than that yellow eyesore. AND, it was also marked $14.99, so with my 50% card, it was only $7.50!! Can you say "deal"?!!
I love it. And I love ReStyle, right down Vista Ave from our little neck of the woods, for all the great finds we have come across in there. 
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