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Sunday Stealing: Sleepy Rambles

Welcome back, everyone. With my husband battling it out in the hospital, I have been completely exhausted and sleeping a ton. At least there's sleep! So I'm pretty late getting this post done, but at least we're still solidly in the land of Sunday! Link up here if you're playing along today. Let's go!


Stolen from Steph at Love Me Some Surveys.  Steph finds surveys to be therapeutic, in a way, and a good way to vent.  Enjoy!

 1.   Would you ever try Fear Factor for one million dollars? Why or why not?
Image result for fear factor mishap
No, I definitely would not, not for a million and not for a billion. No, thank you. I am just not a badass like that, I guess.

2.   If you use hair spray, what brand do you use the most?

Image result for 80s hair

No hairspray is being used in our house. Please, I've been through 80s hair; no need to go back. Besides, I have MUCH more of an eco-conscious mind going on now.
3.   Is Catcher in the Rye in your library by any chance?

Image result for catcher in the rye

No, it's actually not - but it needs to be! I keep meaning to read it, but forget which book I want whenever we go to the library. Maybe today or tomorrow I'll run down there and get it. Thanks!
5.  What is the best thing about a Barbie doll?

Image result for Barbie doll funny

You know when you tilt her head backwards and it goes all flat? That. 

6.   Cherry or peanut ice cream?

Ice cream

If you meant peanut butter, that. I've never heard of just peanut ice cream. If not, then cherry.

7.   From one to ten, how big of a movie buff are you?

Image result for movie buff funny

I guess I would say about a 4 or a 5. There are tons of times people have mentioned to a movie, and I have never even heard of it, let alone seen it. And unless it's a select few movies I've seen 50 times, I can never remember movie quotes.

8.  Who is a celebrity you think will never get into trouble?

Image result for reese witherspoon arrest

No one. If Reese Witherspoon, of all people, can get herself arrested, then no one is immune.

9.  What is a museum you would like to go to?

Image result for basque museum boise

There is a Basque Museum here in Boise that we'd like to go to. With a last name like Odette, people often assume we (hubs) are French. And they may not be wrong, but with some genealogical work his family has been doing in recent years, it looks like some ancestors are actually from the northern Basque region of Spain. Pretty cool. Maybe once Hubs gets back on his feet, we can go do that.

10.  Personally, do you look better with short hair or long hair?

Image result for haircut fail

That's a heck of a comb-over! Anyway, I think I look better with hair between chin-length to shoulder-length. My hair lately has been below my shoulders, and I feel like it's been looking really ratty. Only, I just have not had the time to get in and get a decent haircut. My younger daughter, Sophia, offered to cut it for me. Ummm... She mentioned she has "lots of experience," because she used to cut her own hair when she was between a toddler and a tween. SOLD! I let her cut it last night. It's not great, and the bangs are WAY too short, but it's fine. It's just a haircut; I'll survive.

11.  What is the first thing you think of when I say ‘Jack’?


I think of my own 15-year-old son, Jack River! He's right in front of me, playing the game Fallout 4 on the Xbox. He's insane about that game.

12.  What did you call your grandparents?

Image result for wonderful grandparents

I just called them Grandma & Grandpa. They were married over 50 years. I loved them with all my heart and miss them with all my soul. Those were my mom's parents. My dad's parents both died before I was born.
13.  What color do you usually paint your nails?

Related image

I don't usually paint my fingernails, because my nails really don't grow strong and hard, and I use my hands for so much that I just end up wrecking them anyway. I could never stand having bubble nails like these; ugh! But I do usually have my toenails painted, and I like to change the colors with the seasons. Dark wines and muted browns for the colder months, and pinks and oranges (and occasionally greens and blues) for the warmer months, for example. I have so many nail lacquers, I often just let my daughters pick the color. I'm due for a new pedi now. Sophie picked the last color, so I'll let Chloë choose this time.

14.  What would be a cool earring design?

Image result for crazy earrings

When I was much younger, I always joked that I would pierce my nipples and then wear a chain earring connecting from my ears to my nipples, and pull just the chain and the piercing out through a tiny hole in my shirt(s). LOL! That idea never came to fruition, but I did wear my earrings and ear cuffs exactly like this when I was in college and afterward for a while:

Image result for crazy earrings

Many of those holes have closed up now, so I only have two in each ear and usually only wear one hoop in each, plus a ring in my right nostril. I'd love more piercings again someday, but I don't want to fork out the moolah for that! ;)

15.  Besides nightmares, what is the scariest thing about sleeping?

Image result for sleep meme

I might have said, "Not waking up," but that's not true for me about sleep. For me, the scariest thing is that I'm going to miss something important if I fall asleep. I fight sleep every. single. day. I keep telling myself I need to start just letting it happen, but I can't get over that fear!


I guess that's it! I started the post and got all the way past the photo for #15, but then I had to run to the hospital to visit Hubs, take two kids to church to attend their youth group, get dinner, and... I forgot to finish it. Oops! But it's only 8:10 PM. Still Sunday. ;)

Thanks for your visit!


Saturday 9: Standing On The Corner

Hey, guys. I realize I missed you all on Sunday Stealing this week, but I have a good (hospital-related) excuse. It has been a hellish week every single day since then, and I am only barely able to keep my mood stable and remotely upbeat, so I can't predict what kind of mood I'll take when answering these questions that I haven't even read yet. We'll see... let's go!


Saturday 9: Standing on the Corner (1956)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, four friends congregate on Main Street to look longingly at pretty girls. In your town, where is the best place for people watching?


Well. I know I'm (a) super-biased and (b) new in town, but I love people watching best when my children are there. When it comes to my children, whom I helped create, I'm infatuated and definitely have a staring problem! But it doesn't just come down to that. I love watching the people around my kids, too, because watching strangers do odd things completely fascinates me!

2) This song was written for the Broadway musical, The Most Happy Fella. Who is the happiest person you know?


Probably my newly-minted teenager, Sophia... it's hard to bring her down!

3) The members of The Four Lads met at Toronto's St. Michael's Choir School. Growing up, did you attend parochial or public school?

Image result for C.W. Baker High school

I went to public school. This one, in Baldwinsville, New York.

4) The Four Lads always wore jackets and ties when they performed. Do you enjoying dressing up? Or would you rather keep it casual?


I like dressing up. I was almost always dressed up in Miami. Since we've moved here, I've inexplicably put on a bunch of weight, so now I'm all frumpy and slouchy in sweat pants and tees all the time. I hate it. I'm looking forward to taking off the weight in time for summer and getting back to my cute little dresses again!

5) While this song was a hit for The Four Lads, they were completely overshadowed in 1956 by Elvis Presley and "Heartbreak Hotel." Who do you think dominates today's music scene?

Image result for queen bey

I believe that honor clearly belongs to "Queen Bey," Beyoncé.

6) The Wizard of Oz aired on TV for the first time in 1956. Sam was never crazy about those flying monkeys. Tell us about something that frightened you when you were a kid. 

Image result for crazy roller coaster

I was terrified of roller coasters and never went on them, as opposed to my fearless older sister, Stacey. I've gone on a bunch now - but I still have to be begged and pleaded into going!

7) What scares you now?

Image result for no guns allowed

This insane gun-crazy society I find myself living in, in 2018 United States. It's disgusting.

8) Since this week's song is about pretty girls: 1956's Miss America was Sharon Ritchie of Colorado. Today Colorado has the distinction of being the home of more microbreweries than any other state in the union. Which are you most particular about -- your beer, your wine, or your coffee?

Image may contain: drink

Well, I like some wine, but I really don't know enough about it except that I know what I like. So not that. With coffee, I'm definitely most particular; I have to doctor up my java until it's pretty much no longer recognizable as a coffee product (Splenda instead of sugar, please, for health requirement reasons). Incidentally, Idaho has quite a beer scene going in its own right. We have a store, Brewer's Haven, right down the street that caters to the microbrewing population around Boise. We go there on occasions on Wednesday evenings for their free beer tasting nights. I'm learning a lot about beer as a result, and I'm homing on my preferences, for sure!

9) Random question: We all have small, irritating habits, like soup slurping or not replacing the cap on the toothpaste. What's your nasty little habit?

Image result for snot-nosed kids

Well, I pride myself on personal hygiene, and so I try not to have any nasty little habits. I'm sure I do have a few, though, including that, when nothing resembling a tissue is handy, I'm not above wiping my runny nose on my sleeve! Haha, what a funny question! I can't wait to read the other responses to this.


Thanks, Crazy Sam, for a fun little meme. I enjoyed it. Happy Saturday, all!