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Saturday 9: There's No Gettin' Over Me

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Howdy-ho, neighbors! Once again, I didn't get my planned blogging done during the week, but here I am hoping to make up for some of that a little bit! Link up here if you're playing along this week with the rest of us. Let's go!


Saturday 9: (There's) No Gettin' Over Me (1981)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Ronnie Milsap sings about how worrisome it can be when you realize you forgot to pay a bill. It's happened to all of us, hasn't it? Tell about about a time you accidentally missed a payment.

Whenever I do specifically write out a to-the-penny monthly budget, I invariably forgot some important thing or other. This can have catastrophic results!

2) He also references a dream that keeps him awake. Do you have any recurring dreams?

Lately, as in, since we moved to Idaho, I've been having a lot of bad dreams. Usually it's something getting ruined.

3) He sings about the face you see in the crowd. Tell us about someone you see regularly, but don't really know.

Several of our neighbors; we know quite a few now, but there are still some that very much keep to themselves.

4) He mentions the book that you just can't put down. What's the last book that you finished?

I just returned George Orwell's 1984. . . okay, I didn't really read it at all. I suck at picking up a book lately.

5) Ronnie Milsap is a big fan of new technology, and believes the advancements make both his professional and personal lives easier. What about you? Do you embrace new technology? Or do you long for the good old days, when we weren't so connected to personal devices? 

A little bit of both for me. I LOVE new tech, but the simpler, more carefree days could be a lot more fun.

6) As a child, Ronnie used to surreptitiously listen to late night radio, especially gospel broadcasts. When you were a kid, what rule did you break again and again?

I would read my books when I was supposed to be cleaning.

7) Country star Blake Shelton says Ronnie Milsap was a big influence on his music. Do you watch Blake on The Voice?

Sort of. I watched the beginning of this past season, but I didn't really keep up with it.

8) In May, Ronnie appeared at the Choctaw Casino in Grant, OK. Do you enjoy games of chance?

No. I'm not a gambler.

9) Random question -- When did you last "do it yourself" and repair something around the house or yard?

Oh, I don't know. I'm a DIY-er in theory, but in practice I leave things up to him.


Short and sweet! Have a great Saturday, y'all!