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Sunday Stealing: The Runway Meme

What's up, you guys?! You came back?! I'm so glad to see you here again. It brings me such joy. Now let's get busy with Sunday Stealing, which you can link up to here if you're so inclined.


This is from "Today is a Fashion Show and the World is My Runway."
 1. Five ways to win your heart
Image result for be funny
Welp, that about sums it up! (Plus be intelligent about those stuffs.)

2. Something you feel strongly about

Image result for smoking effects

I'm vehemently anti-smoking and am not afraid to be vocal about it when confronted with the disgustingness in disallowed places. >:(

3. A book you love

Image result for douglas adams last chance to see

I really love this book, and it had a very profound impact on me when I first read it, oh, 20+ years ago. I love it so much that I'm kind of embarrassed I have not read any of Douglas Adams' other books. Must remedy that!

4. Five pet peeves

Image result for obvious lying

A. I'm not a fan of lying anyway, but the obvious lies drive me fucking apeshit. I mean, just don't. Really. Don't.

Image result for slow right turn meme

B. People who do that ^^^ and then take eleventy billion years to make that right turn. Just freakin' GO already!!

Image result for don't take my stuff meme

C. I like my stuff to be exactly where I last left it. I like people to ask if they want to use something, and then actually return the thing in the same condition if they get permission. When things don't go that way - and they never go that way - I get a wee big pissy.

Image result for change of plans meme

D. I can be very weird in that I love to be spontaneous, but I'm also a very careful planner. So when things don't go anywhere near the way I've taken my time and effort to carefully plan out, it irks me. Just a li'l bit.

Image result for clean up after yourself meme

E. People who don't clean up after themselves drive me crazy. My kids, therefore, drive me crazy. Arrrghhhh!!!

5. What you ate today

Image result for pile of candy

I have eaten`` sooo much candy today. Ridiculous amounts between yesterday and today. My girls and I have been at both days of Boise Pride Festival yesterday, and seriously, every booth was giving away candy. I am not supposed to have candy. But it's Pride, and so when in Rome... Also, I had some toast with organic blackberry jam when I got home. I'm not supposed to have any of that, either.

6. How important do you think education is?

Image result for mortar board funny

On a scale of 1 to 10, it's definitely a 23 for me. Right now, since our budget is skimpy-tight, I'm running through all our options for 16-year-old Chloë to get a stellar education for pennies. Hello, scholarship people? Call me!

7. Five people you find attractive

Image result for matt damon

A. Y'all know Matt Damon is my man. He's SO cute!!!

Image result for Jennifer aniston

B. Jennifer Aniston can do no wrong in my eyes. She's a beaut!

Image result for mekhi phifer

C. Such the cutie is Mekhi Phifer!

Image result for eva longoria

D. Eva Longoria is just gorgeous, is she not?

Image result for priyanka chopra

E. Priyanka Chopra is stunning!

8. What you wore today

Image result for hippie bohemian skirt and shirt

I wore a kind of "hippie bohemian" outfit, as I'm sure my dad would call it, both yesterday and today for the festival. And sandals. And a rainbow lei, rainbow pins and stickers, sapphire and all my Pandora flower rings, and carried a rainbow flag or seven everywhere we went! So much fun.

Boise Pride Festival 2018 001a

9. Something you always think “what if” about

Image result for newborn twin boys

This may sound horrible, coming from a mother, but I always "what if" this one to death: Before Rob and I got married, we were insistent with each other that when it came time to have kids, we wanted one-to-one replacement of ourselves; in other words, "two and only two kids, unless the second time it's twins." Well, the second time it was twins. But one twin, Robby, didn't make it past three days. And then our family did not feel complete with only two, because through that whole 7-month pregnancy, we imagined three babies. Three little ducklings, following their mama around. It didn't feel right anymore, with just two. And so, two years later, along came Sophia Lorelei, who is incredibly awesome in every way. But... what if Robby had lived?

10. Something you’re proud of


Speaking of our twins, this guy, Jack, is doing a superb job at his McDonald's gig. I couldn't be more proud of him. Nine weeks premature, disadvantaged and disabled in so many different ways, and I never thought he'd do as well as he has. But he's an outstanding kid and is beating all the odds. Way to go, Jack!

11. Five items you lust after

Image result for Kitchenaid pasta attachments kit

A. The KitchenAid pasta attachments set - ohmagarsh, I could make so much yummish with these!

Image result for artyarns cashmere

B. Yarn. Very specifically, Artyarns cashmere yarn. Any color; so yummy. I actually had some once, to make myself this fuschia cashmere "Wisp":

...but I wore it to visit my sister in New York, and she loved it, so I gave it to her on the spot. That's what you do. That's what knitters do. And I'm glad I did it, because she seemed genuinely pleased. But oh, I love working with Artyarns cashmere!

I also made Rob this night watch cap with a Filatura Di Crosa cashmere/silk/merino blend, and that was lovely. But Artyarns is definitely my favorite. More, please! (P.S. I also adore all of their yarns, like the gorgeous beaded silks, but I could wax poetic about this all day. I shan't bore you with that anymore.)

Image result for yellow lamborghini

C. A yellow Lamborghini Aventador because... duh. Look at it.

Image result for chartreuse vespa

D. A chartreuse Vespa, because they are so adorably cute. I want one! I covet Vespas whenever I see one scootin' around. No joke, I would rock a Vespa. Please, santa?

Image result for vacation in tahiti

E. A vacation in Tahiti. I need to be there. Married for 17 years and never had a trip to Tahiti. What the hell, Rob? Get on the ball, man!

12. Five words/phrases that make you laugh

Image result for uproarious laughter gif

Every single thing Rob says! ;)

13. A quote you try to live by

Image result for random acts of kindness funny

"Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty." Also, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

14. Something you like and dislike about yourself.


LIKE: Physically - my nose, and hands, and feet, are all tiny and cute (so I'm told). Personality - I feel like I'm very supportive and loving and inclusive of all peoples.

DISLIKE: Physically - The rest of my body. It is not a thin one, and I honestly wish I were a 99-lb waif. Never gonna happen. Personality - Oh, where do I start? There is so plenty much. Years of abuse will do a lot of damage to a person.

15. A problem that you have had

Image result for early onset dementia

I've been having cognitive problems. They don't show up as much in my writing (or so I think), because I'm able to stop and think, and backspace, and correct things before I post them. But it's evident to others and it's very evident to me that something is very wrong. I have an evaluation scheduled on November 30th; we're pushing to have it brought up much sooner than that. :(


Welp, on that note,  I'm going to eat my baked potato and think about things. Have a lovely weekend remainder!