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The Thing About Tapioca

Tapioca 2

When we got Tapioca just over two years ago, in May of 2016, she was so tiny. She wasn't bottle-feeding tiny, but we weren't her first foster family. Her story was pretty harsh: she and her one surviving littermate, a boy, watched their mother eat the rest of their siblings. Tapi and her brother were rescued just in time.

After a few months of fostering our sweety, we adopted Tapioca.


Tapi is a great doggo for us, but we know she has had some psychological trauma due to her rough start. She's very "bitey" when she's surprised or something sudden happens, and she barks at everything that scares her. And a lot of things scare her, like people walking by outside, or the vacuum or broom... lots of things.


And then there is the nursing. Tapioca likes this brown plaid blanket in particular; it's very soft, like a mama's tummy, I guess. Tapi kneads the blanket and crams a ton of it into her mouth and falls asleep nursing on this blanket. When she's halfway into her stupor, if one of us walks by, she keeps her hold on the blanket while looking around with her cutie eyeballs and flattens her ears.

This little girl, now two years old, still needs her mommy. When she can't find her blanket, her little jaw starts quivering until we find it. It's enough to break my heart.

Sweet girl.