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Saturday 9: Along Comes A Friend

Independence Day Foto Album

Okay, so maybe this post is about a month late, but that's about how my life is running these days. And okay, so, maybe I hardly even remember the Fourth of July this year, but my best-laid plans had to be abruptly changed at the last minute when Jack ended up having to work that whole day, and my short-term memory is all but gone lately. All this to say, forgive me for making this mostly Show and not a lot of Tell. I'm including some out-takes just for funsies:


Sophia, 13; Jack, 15; and Chloë, 16


Yes, yes, Sophia is getting tall. She really is that tall. I don't know how it's happened. I ask her damned near every day!



004 There I am. Hiding.


Lookit us, all matchy-matchy. Independence Day is my favourite day of the year, and if I can't have things go the way I planned, at least I can make people dress in red, white, and blue for one day. Thankfully, my people humor me.


No, that is not a real smile. Not even a good fake one. But it's not a scowl, so close enough. ;)


She even humored me on the pigtails. I think it'll be the last time. That's a LOT of hair!


Ahhh, three teenagers... make it stop! Dear Father Time: SLOW. DOWN.


Mom and Dad. Husband and Wife. 


It was a super hot day in Boise that day, and with my illness (aka Succubus), I don't handle the heat well. Mostly, I just sat under a shady tree (I in my wheelchair? But I truly don't remember) while the kids ran around in the fountain. Here they are leaving. See 'em?


It looked very refreshing, no?!


Hi, girlies!


I so wanted to join them, but... I did not feel like being soaked. And frankly, I didn't want to get my camera wet, either!



Chloë and Sophia yet again. Jack was harder to nail down in one place, but he's out there. Somewhere.



THERE he is. My trio. My group. My babies. 

Fun by the fountain



Jack doesn't like it when I tell him he's gotten pretty buff. But, um, he has gotten pretty buff!


There's my guy!   He's been channeling Bob Ross lately with that curly mop!


The beautiful, hot day soon turned into a beautiful, hot evening. We should do this more often. You know, without the crowds. And the food trucks.


Soon, my favorite part of my favorite day began. With a bang. Duh.


Boom. Boom. Pop! BOOM! Yeah, yeah, you know how it goes.


Fireworks Show

The show was okay, and there was of course the obligatory patriotic music, but overall I felt like the fireworks show was kind of a let down. If you're an American and you want to know where to find a really fantastic fireworks show on July 4th, I'll tell you the best I've seen: Hands down, it was in downtown Panama City, Florida. So good. 


Once the show was over, we grabbed our gear and headed out of Ann Morrison Park for home. As usual, I'd bought little poppers and firecrackers for the kids to do at home (nothing that would blow off a finger or anything), so the kids and Rob spent some time outside making noise at far too late for (I'm guessing) our neighbors' liking! Oh, well.


So that was it! Good day, good evening, and good night! (Literally.)