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Saturday 9: Treat You Better

Sunday Stealing: Identity Crisis

Hey, guys, welcome back! Between my computer continuously shutting off (and not saving my post) halfway through writing this, and not realizing all your beloved Typepad comments were going straight to Spam, I gave up on writing this last night and then forgot I didn't post. So this one will be a rare quickie from me, I think.

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1: Favorite style of clothing
I like a nice, flowing boho skirt (I'm wearing a plum-colored one now, actually), and a flowing, loose boho top the best. I think I'd have made a great flower child. ;)

2: Do I ever get “good morning” or “good night ” texts?
Rarely, unless I'm spending the night in the hospital, since everyone I'd get one from is usually right here with me

3: Have I ever kissed the last person I texted?
The last person I texted was Hubs, and we have done quite a lot of kissing. None yet today, though

4: When did I last hold hands?
Hubs and I hold hands whenever we're tooling around in the car anywhere. I'll probably hold his hand when I'm driving us to our family Seton Spot visit in a little while.

5: How long does it take me to get ready in the morning?
I like to start getting ready to go about an hour beforehand. That way I don't have to rush and can take my sweet time, because I tend to get dizzy, lose my balance, and fall. Last time I fell in the shower. I don't wish to repeat that experience!

6: Have I shaved my legs in the past three days?
It was probably three days ago exactly, but yeah.

7: Where am I right now?
I'm sitting on the couch of the living room, watching everyone get ready and the dog bark at the cat who thinks it's a good idea to run through the living room every now and again. This is a mischievous cat; my guess is she does it specifically to get the dog all riled up!

8: Do I have someone of the opposite sex I can tell everything to?
Hubs is really my very best friend. Everything I have to tell, I tell him. There are no secrets.

9: How often do I wear a fake smile?
I'm really horrible at inane small talk, so in a forced interaction like that, I probably do have one.

10: When was the last time I hugged someone?
Last night, Sophia (my 13yo youngest) put me to bed and then came in for a good squeeze. I usually stay up until I'm drop-dead exhausted, and by that point I'm usually well-confused and don't know well enough to get to bed on my own. It's a frustrating existing, but there it is. Anyway, Soph got the last hug.

11: Is there anyone I trust even though I should not?
Probably. I usually trust easily and often until it's obvious I shouldn't have. For a person of my age, I'm still quite naïve.

12: What is something I disliked about today?
I've been in physical therapy for three weeks, and I've now learned from it the reason why I've dealt with all my joints popping in and out of place my whole life: I have hypermobility/extra flexibility, and all those joints are loose. So the PT and I have been working on stabilizing the worst offenders: left shoulder, knees, ankles, and an upslip in my pelvis, and then strengthening those muscles. We've been using a variety of tools, like various stretches, kinesiology tape, cupping, ultrasonic massage, etc. Anyway, long story short is that the left shoulder has been dislocating all weekend, and I've been unable to get it to pop back in long enough to stabilize it with the KT tape.
13: If I could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?
I'd love to meet be Barack Obama and ask him a billion questions. It would be a pleasure and an honor.
14: What do I think about most?
Oh, God, I don't know. I think about anything and everything under the sun! My mind never stops racing, and then you had mania and caffeine to it - wow!

15: Do I prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?
It completely depends on how much I weigh, which is sad.

16: Do I prefer talking on the phone or video chatting online?
Oh, God, neither. I'd much rather text or email. Facebook Messenger is fine, too.

17: Do I believe in ghosts? How about aliens?
Both are firmly in the realm of "I'll believe it when I see it" for me.

18: Do I believe in magic?
I don't think so.

19: Do I believe in luck?
I'm not sure. I think I lean toward "we create our own luck."

20: What's the weather like right now?
On this September 30th, it's a clear and sunny 81ºF here in Boise, Idaho.

21: What was the last book I've read?
To be honest, I haven't read a book in ages. I've got all kinds of books - even some I've borrowed and returned to the library without reading! - and my Kindle app is full of them... I just never give myself the permission to relax and read.

22: Do I like the smell of gasoline?
Yeah, I kinda do.

23: What was the worst injury I've ever had?
They're all emotional; I'm working through some deep stuff in therapy right now. Externally, it would probably be either opening up my last C-section incision two weeks later while doing Pilates way too early, or the time I fell through a bunch of mangrove prop roots on a Biology expedition in Miami and blamed it on a shark bite to my friends. It was really bad; some people even believed me!

24: Do I spend money or save it?
I'm very undisciplined when it comes to finances. I'm horrible at saving.

25: Can I touch my nose with my tongue?
Almost but not quite. Sophie can, though.
Thanks for stopping by! I've got to run off to our Seton Spot, now.