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OFFER On Your Next Full Young Living Order!

Oils collection - Heart

(My own personal collection of *some of my* Young Living Essential Oils)

YLEOs Coupon

I'm currently offering a 15%/20% coupon for ANY size order from my Young Living account. The benefit to you is that you will get the finest essential oils on the planet at a really nice discount.

Meanwhile, the benefit to me is that for the size of order I like to purchase each month (I'm not required; I just like to max out my rewards for doing so as much as possible), that much less will be out of my own pocket for my own order. So it's a win-win.

Actually, it's a win-win-win, because truly I have always loved helping my friends and others I know get the best deals possible, and I assure you, this is one of those great deals!

You can look around on my personal Young Living website, but do not order through that site. Instead, send me your order so that I can take the discount off on your invoice myself.

Please do try to honor the October 31st deadline.

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Additionally, I promise that I will always include as many samples as I can with each and every order you place. Some will come pre-made by Young Living, such as those in the photo above, while some will be customized to try and address your particular needs at that given moment in time.


I know a lot of you think a lot of us have just jumped on the ol' Young Living / Essential Oils bandwagon, but for me personally, that is simply not the case. I was just ask skeptical as the next guy, and I kept saying "no" to Shana when she offered to send me some things. Pffft, please! I'm a scientist; I had no interest in what I thought were non-scientifically developed products.

Image result for young living samples

I was so wrong. That initially sample bag she sent me helped so much that I jumped on the offer to sign up, and since then, I have accumulated as many Young Living oils as I possibly could. But that's not all - I use many of their EO-infused products like skincare, bodycare, and house-cleaning products, just to name a few.

So if you'd like to benefit from this great order, just drop me a quick line & we'll go from there.