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Saturday 9: Up On The Roof

Just... Melanie

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I haven't been doing a whole lot of writing in the past few weeks.

I've had a hard time. We've all had a hard time.

Life is hard. Life is weird. Life is confusing.

I decided that I no longer want to be known as something that really hurt me at the time, and apparently still hurts me, so much that I accepted the joke because I guess in a way I accepted that I am a joke and therefore meaningless. Armchair psychology; who knows. 

So no more Smellyann. Little by little, I'm trying to eliminate that from the internet.

Instead, I'm just going to be me.

Just... Melanie.

Or when I'm feeling fun or fancy or silly or, well, fun! I'll be Melanie Penelope.

because it really does crack me up and make me smile.

Henceforth, no more Smellyann. That is never who I was. It was my shield, my shell, my wall.

I have been protecting myself far too long.

It's time to allow myself to be vulnerable.

Welcome to Just... Melanie. ;) 

Unfortunately, I can't change the name of the blog without losing thousands of posts, hundreds of followers, and maybe even one fan?

So that will still be SA. But I had to prioritize.

(Also, I didn't want to lose all my pre-set categories.)

All right. I'm tired now, y'all. Have a lovely.


P.S. Some things will never change. Like Fin.