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Scenes From Easter Sunday

Eggs Collage

🥚 Happy Easter 2019! 🥚

This year, our egg situation was a process. I got about 5 dozen eggs, many of which were eaten ahead of time, so things got mathy. By the time the Paas kits I ordered were delivered, it was Saturday night. We all got involved: I did all the planning. Rob did all the hard-boiling (all but the nine pink eggs on top). And the kids did the timing and the dyeing, according to my oft-yelled instructions. 😏 And then Chloë arranged the eggs. I think they look loverly!

Easter Basket Collage

After church, and some rest, and some food... we eventually got around to doing the Easter baskets. Lately, now that the kids are pretty grown up, Chloë has been helping me assemble them. And I've been making one for Rob, albeit a much smaller one. P.S. I had him lose the tie, unbutton a shirt button, and roll up his sleeves. I think he looks much better like that! 😍

Easter Basket Collage (1)

Regardless, these goofballs dug into their bowls - er, baskets - with vigor. I made a list of things I might include and had each kid check off (in different color ink, natch) what interested them. I got most of it!


  • A small piece of jewelry
  • swim goggles
  • lip balms
  • nail polish
  • candy, of course
  • lots and lots of kid-friendly coupons redeemable by Mom & Dad
  • hair accessories
  • socks

Etc. Sophia chose a similar list, except no jewelry but add a PopSocket. No nail polish, but she got a Koosh. Similarly for Jack, except obviously no jewelry or nail polish, and neither did he want a PopSocket nor Koosh. He did get sunglasses, a Yo-yo (oh, as did Soph), and plain black socks instead of rainbow ones like the girls'!


I printed dozens and dozens of coupons I selected - and accidentally printed in triplicate. Eventually, all three kids had to get involved in the cutting thereof! Took forever.


As Rob munched on Peanut M&Ms, Paco snuggled in tightly behind him, as a Chihuahua is wont to do...


Soon, he was fast asleep. ♥

Sophie Goggles Collage

Sophia was pretty goofy today, quite "on." I had an awful lot more photos of her at the end of this session, since Chloë took to opening her goodies behind her bowl, and Jack generally shuns the camera anyway.

KInderEggs Collage

All three kiddos received a couple of KinderEggs each; here are a few of the toys from them. Sophia got an ostrich in hers, which was adorable, but I had put the camera away by then.

Sophias Hair Collage

Apropos of nothing, Sophia is always tossing her hair around. When we're listening to the radio in the car and a jammin' song comes on, she gets all punk rock with it. I love that.

Rob Eating Candy Collage

Rob cracked me up: He was opening egg after egg, dumping the confectionary contents into his mouth before moving on to the next. Like a four-year-old. I loved it.


These are not the lip balms Sophia really wanted, but I couldn't find them where I was shopping. So she'll get these for now and those will just pop into her life at some mysterious, magical point in time.

Tulips 04132019

Oh, by the way: We get dozens of beautiful tulips in our yard - and all around Boise - this time of year. It's my favorite time. This year, I couldn't resist asking Sophie to make me a small bouquet of some of the blooms to bring some of the beauty inside.

Sophie's Basket Collage

Sophie showing off some of the goods in her basket o' joy.

April Tulips a

Back to those tulips: Look how much they've enjoyed being in here! They've really just shown off their stellar color and silky petals this year!

Candy Tulip Collage

I'll leave you with this imagery of Sophie devouring a chocolate tulip. And no, they were not solid. Bah!

Happy Easter, everyone. I hope you were able to enjoy the weekend, whatever it is you chose to do.