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Sundays In My City: Boise Pride Prom

Sundays In My City
So my girl Claudya hosts this fun romp-around on Sundays, so we can all share a bit of our lives in our cities with each other. I love this blog hop! It's a great way to learn about each other and what we all do in our hometowns. Link up here if you'd like to join in (and yes, I know, I'm posting this on a Wednesday; c'est la vie)
I mean, given that Boise is not my hometown. My hometown is in New York, but that was many moons and many moves ago. So many, in fact, that I no longer consider it as having a feeling of "home" for me at all.

Rather, I've come to the more obvious conclusion that home is wherever my family is. Ohana and all, being what it is, is far more important to me than where I came from.
But what the heck?! Somehow I got off on a tangent there. Back to reality:
Boise Pride Festival 2018 072
Last year, in June 2018, my two girls and I went to Boise Pride for the first time. I got to check something off of my Bucket List and be supportive all at the same time! It was an exhilarating experience.
Boise Pride Festival 2018 071
So this year, the girls decided to go to the Boise Pride Prom, aka the "Diversity Youth Prom," for ages 14-18 years old. Since they both fit that category, I offered to pay their rather inexpensive (at $10 each) tickets to prom so they could go and have the time of their lives.
Pride Prom Chloë Collage
We did the whole prom thing on a budget: I bought Chloë's dress on ThredUp (along with a ton of other amazing finds), and she wore my Crocs. Talk about basic. For both girls' makeup, I made complimentary appointments with makeup artists at the Clinique counter in Dillard's, at the mall in Boise. That was cool; I had no idea that they did that until I called around to find out. Woot!
Pride Prom Sophia Collage
Sophia picked out her dress at ReStyle, the bestest most awesome thrift store just down the road from us. I'm still shocked she picked a dress! She had been wanting to wear a floral suit all along, and then she found the dress, which fit perfectly. I did both girls' hair and used the baby's breath and roses from the Mother's Day bouquets I received. Ha! I'm so frugal, I kill me.
So that was an amazing, incredible, exciting experience - oh, and I think the girls had fun, too. ;) Now that we're moving an hour away from Boise, we'll have to trek in to Boise Pride Fest 2019 - and I can't wait to go again!
Take care, y'all. Show us where you live. Or what you do there. Or whatever.
Bye, now!