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That's how I began a post on Instagram a couple of days ago after more than 60 days in a row of a horrendous migraine, and now I only have the vestiges of a headache. Knock wood...

My message:

I live with daily, intractable migraines, and I have for longer than my entire adult life. For me, this means two monthly shots of Aimovig - or maybe another new biologic (Ajovy), since the Aimovig stopped providing relief. I get frequent (~weekly) nerve blocks, so my entire head - except for my face - is numb afterward, is a freakishly weird feeling. That relief usually lasts 24 hours or less. Also weekly, but on a different day, I get infusions of a migraine cocktail, such as Toradol, Compazine or Benadryl, Zofran, and fluids - but they change it up each time, depending on my previous responses. (And I'm allergic to a lot of things, so sometimes that's my response!) And then I have my at-home PRN meds, both prescription and OTC. I try to avoid those, because my liver is basically the only organ I have that still functions - but those don't really work well anymore, anyway.
Last week, because of scheduling difficulties on both ends, I missed my weekly migraine infusion. Rob literally went out to Walmart in the middle of the night (which he's done many times before, but usually because I was sure I was pregnant! And as proven by the existence of Chloë, Robby and Jack, and Sophia, I was always right) this weekend to get me acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and naproxen. I tried them all. None worked. None. Frankly, I've been miserable.
I always, always forget my essential oils until I reach this point, I swear. It was the act of a desperate woman, but I grabbed my "Severe Pain Blend" bottle, right freakin' next to me, and applied the last few drops to my forehead and the rest of my entire hairline. Look. Listen. I am an ichtyologist. A biologist. A scientist, for Pete's sake. I want this not to work. I choose to believe it will not work, it should not work, it can not work. I do not want results, I expect *non* results! And yet, as almost always, the migraine pain instantaneously lessened from a full-stop 10 to about a FIVE. Whaaa?! What the heck. So Rob came in to help me conconct a new blend and refill the bottle.
It's different every time, but there are the usual suspects like sacred frankincense, helichrysum, and more. I'm doing a Moms Meet Ambassador campaign for La Tourangelle Artisan Oils, so we decided to try their walnu toil for the carrier oil. I do have an exact list of what we used in this latest blend, including the number of drops, if you're interested in the recipe. Or I can make it for you and send. I am not going to lie: these oils can be expensive, and sometimes hard to find. But they do help me, nearly every time, and they may help you.
✌️ Peace! ✌️
Oils collection
So anyway, I'm here to help if you're interested in trying this. There are tons of other "helps" I can blend up for you if migraine or other severe pain is not your thing. I'm not in this to make a bunch of money; my very good friend Shana sent me some in February 2016 (Succubus started in May 2015), after I kept reporting new and "interesting" things that were going on with my falling-apart body. I was amazed at the results I got, none of which I expected. Grateful and thankful, I've been trying and sharing different oils ever since.
You know where to find me.