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Wordy Wednesday... With A Wink ;) 071019

Wordy Wednesday With a Wink

Hey, there!! Glad you found us!

So, by way of introduction to this new weekly meme, let me say that the "wink" part is because usually, yes, I know... Wednesday is supposed to be "wordless." However, if you know me, you'll realize that not only am I never without something to say, I cannot even define for you the word "succinct" with anything resembling brevity!

Therefore, yes, I will be posting my photography. One, more, several, a bunch, whatever I feel like. Please, you go ahead and do the same!

Too, whenever the mood strikes me (so always), I'll talk about it. Get it? 'Kay?

Let's go!

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2019-07-06 15.52.29

1. So my youngest, Sophie, and I were playing around with my imPress nail manicure, coordinating silver jewelry, and backgrounds. We're undecided about which one we like the best. The final decision is of absolutely no importance whatsoever. 🤣

2019-07-06 15.53.44

2. As Sophia pointed out, the more modern look of the green background shot was countered by the contrast of the rustic wood vs. the modern jewelry. I love that she thought of this!


2019-07-06 15.53.17

3. ...Finally, a li'l Black & White action for good measure. Do you have a favourite?


Like I said, there is nothing depending on the outcome. This is a completely superficial question, but as someone who struggles with severe anxiety, depression, PTSD, and bipolar I disorder, a little midweek levity does the ol' noggin some good.

What about you? What are you thinking about today?



So that's my show for now. Gotta get some "real" work done: helping my oldest, Chloë, narrow down some college choices and look for scholarships. Heavy-duty work!

See you next week, yes?