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Wordy Wednesday... With A Wink ;) 071719

Wordy Wednesday With a Wink

Hey, there!! Glad you found us!

So, by way of introduction to this new weekly feature, let me say that the "wink" part is because usually, yes, I know... Wednesday is supposed to be "wordless." However, if you know me, you'll realize that not only am I never without something to say, I cannot even define for you the word "succinct" with anything resembling brevity!

Therefore, yes, I will be posting my photography. One, more, several, a bunch, whatever I feel like. Please, you go ahead and do the same!

But also, whenever the mood strikes me (so always), I'll talk about it. Get it?

Let's go!

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2019-07-17 13.44.43

Meet Periwinkle! She's the three-month-old kitten I adopted on Tuesday afternoon. Isn't she so cute?!

So now, that brings us up to four cats. I don't foresee getting anymore. She's so skinny! Her mama was a baby herself, dumped in a field behind the house of the lady we adopted her from as a pregnant kitten. Poor baby. Periwinkle is already spayed, microchipped, and has been given two rounds of shots, so she's healthy and well taken care of.

I love her so much already. She was very nervous at first, but now she's learned to defend herself against the dogs (Tapi's poor nose!) and has started eating and playing here. She likes to sit on my shoulder and just chill out.

Welp, that's it from me this week! Be sure to link up below if you're joining us this week!