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Sunday Stealing: Coronavirus Questions

Hey everyone. 😊 It's late o'clock on Sunday evening (7:19 PM) which means, like my Saturday 9 post yesterday, very few people are going to read this. But I miss you guys and want to get back into the habit! I'm just going to be answering more briefly I usually do - this time.

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Coronavirus Questions: Pandemic 2020-2021

In the past year have you–

1) Gone without a bra?

Yup. Matter of fact, that's my current situation.

2) Skipped making your bed?

Most of the time these days, that's the case, since I'm bedridden for the most part. (And yes, it sucks.)

3) Ordered groceries to be delivered?

Maybe once or twice? but mostly Hubs goes out and gets it.

4) Cooked a real meal?

No! And I miss it like crazy. Especially because we've been in a hotel for six freakin' months (!!!) and there hasn't been a way. I hope we figure out a permanent situation soon, because that's one of the first things I'm dying to do!

5) Spent the day in pajamas?

Yep. Pretty much the whole time. If you want to call it that.

6) Skipped shaving your legs?

Often, yeah. I'm down to maybe twice a month. (But I am fortunate in that regard, because I'm largely hairless, and what's there isn't super visible unless you're up close and looking for it.)

7. Spent hours on Instagram or Pinterest?

Guilty, for both, but not a ton of times, I don't think.

8) Eaten in a restaurant?

Nope! But there has been a TON of take-out!

9) Skipped washing your hair?

Oh, yeah. More often than not. Speaking of which, I always had stick-straight hair. Now, at 44 years old, it's gotten extremely wavy. What's up with that?

10) Not folded the laundry?

I have not folded the laundry once.

11) Worked a puzzle?

No. But I have bought half a dozen at least, and the girls did theirs. Chloë is working on one, along with her roommate, at her apartment, too. I guess I'm just waiting for a permanent spot.

12) Had Zoom calls?

Yep. Many Zoom meanings, since I'm a raging SJW, don'tcha know? ;) 

13) Written letters?

Yep! Lots and lots - it's part of the volunteer work I'm involved with. I'll be writing some more later, too.

14) Binge watched a TV show?

Yup? I've watched many mini-series on Netflix, including TigerKing,and now I'm halfway through Season 10 of Shameless. I ♥ that show! It's so wrong, though! LOL. Do any of you watch it?

15) Gone barefoot?

Yup. Most of the time I am barefoot. I hate wearing shoes.


Alrighty, that's the post. Gonna go do some other things that need some attention. Have a great week, everyone!