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Hey there, Thieves! Welcome back! I couldn't get my post up at all late Saturday afternoon or in the evening because the plague that are migraine headaches, but better late than never, right? Link up here to play along this... Read more →

Sunday Stealing: Would You Rather?

Hey there, y'all. Me again. I hope you're doing well on this June Saturday evening. I am troubled, but I am doing as well as can be expected. You see, I am an extreme empath. I want to be an... Read more →

Hey, everyone! Right now we're in a big freakin' family argument because my oldest, Chloë, wants to treat everyone to something for dinner... However, I have super-strong, scientifically-backed, non-emotional convictions about eating vegan and will not sway, plus I have... Read more →

Hey, y'all! Welcome back. I'm thrilled to be back after missing the last few weeks due to illness. Glue me down, because hopefully I'll be sticking around for a while. Link up here if you want to play along this... Read more →

So this is a story about how, ultimately, I spent the 2017-2018 holidays. Here I was on December 4th, 2017, already sick but determined to rally and get better in time for all of the festive and fun Advent activities... Read more →

Like it says, America's Independence Day is my favorite holiday. It always has been. The pomp and circumstance, the coming-together of folks for patriotism, and of course, the fireworks - I love it all. But today, I missed a great... Read more →

Black-and-white portrait of the man I love, Robert Allen Odette So, I haven't blogged as much this infant year as I had planned, because I became even sicker than I had been all throughout the latter half-plus of 2015. That... Read more →

Playing along today? Make sure you link up here to join in the fun! Saturday 9: Black Is Black (1966) Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here. * 1) Black is this week's signature color because Friday, November 27th,... Read more →

Are you stealing today, too? If you want to join in with us, the link is here! Cheers to all of us thieves!!! Would You Rather Meme Stolen from: Would Your Rather * Would you rather be stuck on an... Read more →

Link up here if you're stealing today, thieves! 25 Fun Meme Stolen from: My Random Randomness 1. If you were trapped in a room with the person who asked this for 24 hours, what would you do? Since Kwizgiver and... Read more →

Link up here if you're swiping today! Swiped Meme Stolen from: Get It All Down Do you need to write down things to remember them? Abso-freaking-lutely! If it doesn't get written down, it doesn't get done. Do you keep a... Read more →

Link up here if you're playing along today! Saturday 9: Careless Whisper (1984) Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here. (As an 80s girl, I love this song!!) 1) You can't miss George Michael's gold hoops in the photo... Read more →

Hie thee here and link up thusly if you're playing along today! 17 Meme Stolen from: Survey Haven Are you a jealous person? Rarely. It's not a "yes" or "no" question for me, because normally I am not jealous of... Read more →

Why Do You Want To Know That Meme? Stolen from: My Random Randomness 1. What TV gameshow/reality show would you like to be on? I'd LOVE to be on Jeopardy! 2. What was the first movie you bought in VHS... Read more →

Sunday Stealing: The New Year Meme

Link up here if you're fabulous, darling! The New Year's Eve Meme From the archives (and I'm going to spare you folks all the funny pictures today. I'm keepin' it real)! In 2014, I gained: all-new respect for my brain... Read more →