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Hie thee here and link up thusly if you're playing along today! 17 Meme Stolen from: Survey Haven Are you a jealous person? Rarely. It's not a "yes" or "no" question for me, because normally I am not jealous of... Read more →

Saturday 9: Little Red Corvette

Link up here if you're playing along today! Saturday 9: LIttle Red Corvette (recommended by Smellyann) That's me! No link this week. Prince apparently is very strict about copyright infringement. 1) The subject of this song is frankly sexual. Do... Read more →

So remember Pepper got butchered neutered on January 11th, and it didn't go well? You can read more about that here. Welp, between getting the cat fixed and necessary car repairs, we didn't have the money to take him to... Read more →