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Saturday 9: Always Remember Us This Way

Hey, everyone. Bit of a somber mood here in the Odette household, as my father-in-law passed away yesterday. I wasn't going to join in at all this weekend, but then I decided my mind could use a short respite. I... Read more →

Hi, you guys!! I'm going to get into Saturday 9 in a moment. But first, let me say: to this young lady today: Can you guys believe it? My kids have practically grown up in front if y'all on Saturday... Read more →

Hey there, hi there, ho there! Welcome back! (Let me preface this post by saying I've been gone all day long and haven't had a chance even to see if I have comments - negative or otherwise - on my... Read more →

Hey, everyone! I'm late, but better late than never, amirite? Link up here if you want to play along with this weekend's quiz. ~*~*~*~*~ Saturday 9: Brokenhearted (2012) Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here. 1) This song is... Read more →

...Here Are Ten Things You Should Know: Arrive early. Parking is US$40 for the night pretty much everywhere on Miami's South Beach, but we got there before sundown, got pretty stellar parking around 13th Street and Washington Ave, and had... Read more →

Link up here if you're thieving today! Shop On The Corner Meme Stolen from: FYeah Surveys What kind of job did your mom have when you were growing up? She died young, when I was 7 and she was 33,... Read more →

So, I disappeared from this-here blahg for a few weeks. Here's a brief timeline: 31 January 2014: We meet with neurosurgeon Dr. Jacques Morcos for the first time and are told that Rob needs immediate brain surgery to remove his... Read more →

Link up here if you're fragmenting with Mrs. 4444 today! ☼ Is anyone else shocked it's May already? For Heaven's sake, our pool will be open in 3 weeks already! I can't believe how fast the time is flying. We... Read more →

Y'all did know that's, like, a palindrome, right? That's not news? Anyway. Not where I'm headed. Nor is this collage of silly pictures I took of myself early this morning when I meant to be writing up plans and writing... Read more →

I'm a Loser Baby, So Why Don't You Kill Me

Don't freak out; those are song lyrics... ;) So yesterday, I was sick, Jack and Chloë stayed home from school sick with fevers and coughing, and babies Sophie and Jade were coughing and sneezing and runny nosing and the like... Read more →