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Saturday 9: (God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time on You

Hi, my friends. At least, I hope we're still friends. I know it's been about three months since I participated - or even wrote in my blog at all. Things have been rough for me healthwise, and that's really all I want to say about that right now. I miss y'all, and Saturday 9, and even though it's after 10:30 AM, I thought I'd give it a go to have a little fun. 

If you're new here and/or to Saturday 9, link up here to join in this weekend. Onward!


Lance Bass and Joey Fatone Troll Chris Kirkpatrick in TikTok Video | Us  Weekly

Saturday 9: (God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time on You (1998)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, a boy celebrates the life of love he's received from his mother, saying it's more precious than any diamond or pearl. Do you have a piece of jewelry that means a great deal to you? 
Wedding Rings B
Yes, except I mean, apart from of course my wedding and engagement rings, which I cherish, I would have to point to a group of jewelry that I think of all together instead of just one thing:
Sapphire Jewelry
Excluding the druzy necklace and big, dangly earrings, the rest of that lot are important to me. The bracelet maybe isn't super valuable, but it's sentimental because Rob and I got it on our European cruise (he absolutely spoils me, if you didn't know). For the rest of the jewelry there: the ring, the two necklaces and the pendant, and the two earrings, we sourced the loose sapphires together, and he took them to a jeweler to have them set for me for one of our early anniversaries. I love them!
2) NSYNC licensed their name and likenesses for use on a variety of products, and their official key ring was a big seller. Tell us about your key ring.
WinCraft Miami Hurricanes Lanyard
Mine is nothing but a University of Miami (alma mater) lanyard with my "boop-boop," as I call it, to my van, and the spare aka "my" boop-boop to his truck.

3) NSYNC's lead singer, Justin Timberlake, is now a parent himself with two sons. He enjoys sitting on the floor so they can play Legos together. Today Lego sets for adults and adult coloring books are popular. As a grown up, do you enjoy coloring books or Legos?
Sometimes. I've done some of both. I just have to be in the mood for it.
4) In 1998, when this song was popular, Seinfeld ended its 9-season run. Were you a fan?
I was, but man, that finale was a letdown!
5) This week's song was chosen in honor of Mother's Day. Some mothers will find themselves treated to breakfast in bed this weekend. Is that a luxury you would appreciate, or would you worry about spilling food on the sheets?
Sure, I would enjoy that.
6) Garrett's Popcorn offers a special tin for Mother's Day (the "O" in MOM is a daisy). When did you most recently have popcorn?
Mother's Day Gifts | Gifts for Mom | Garrett Popcorn Shops
Oh, gosh, it's been a long time. I don't eat it anymore.
7) Florists see a spike in sales for Mother's Day, too. Would you rather receive a plant or a bouquet of flowers?
What To Do If You Have a Black Thumb ...
I love getting flowers, but nowadays I'd really love to receive plants. I don't have the greenest thumb, and I'd like to work on that.
8) Crazy Sam's own mother is big on couponing, while Sam thinks coupons simply aren't worth the effort. Are you more like mother or daughter?
I gotta hand it to Mom.
9) Sam is celebrating Mother's Day with her mother's favorite, Hershey Bars. Would you prefer classic milk chocolate, dark chocolate or chocolate with almonds?

I'd normally prefer the chocolate with almonds; I'd still enjoy the milk chocolate, and I'd make do with the dark chocolate, thank you!


Happy Mother's Day 2024: Best Short Messages, Wishes And Quotes To Express  Your Love For Your Mom


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