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Wordless Wednesday: Magic Hour Shoot

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The other morning, we took advantage of Magic Hour, that sunrise/sunset time when all [the lighting] is right in the photography world. Chloë needed new photos for her acting profile, and the timing was right. Here are a few of the photos we took.

Chloë Body Shot

Chloë Head Shot








The last one was just for fun. The first two were what I submitted to her actors' profile. Did I choose right? 

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Wordless Wednesday: YMCA Kids' Day

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On Saturday, we went to the YMCA Kids' Fair down the road from our house. The first stop was to visit the National Parks Service table, where we asked a billion questions and received tons of information. And the kids got to blow in a conch shell, which was super fun!


To promote healthy kids, they were giving out freshly made strawberry-banana, and blueberry, smoothies. I think Sophia went back three times for more, you guys. Fortunately, the ladies at the table encouraged it!


They were giving away free books at another table. The selection was a little junior to my kids' ability, but they didn't mind and have read all the books since then. My girls, especially, love to read!


The local Police Department was giving away free bicycle helmets, and Sophie snagged the last one. Lucky girl was making out like a bandit that day!


They were also giving away fresh pineapple chunks and bananas! Yum. Jack looks less than thrilled because he wanted to get on down the road to the Miami Children's Museum, but the girls had a couple servings each. Way to get our nutrition on!

Thanks for the fun day, YMCA!


Wordless Wednesday: Visiting The New River Family

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DSC_0357 DSC_0359




DSC_0362 DSC_0363DSC_0365
















Hope you've enjoyed the photos of our trip up to Fort Lauderdale to visit Erica and Kira (Jack's girlfriend!), along with their dad, Kevin (not pictured). It was great hanging out with them while Hubs was in the hospital; a great de-stressor. 

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Wordless Wednesday: Kiwi Crate Fun

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My kids LOVE Kiwi Crate! You can try it here and also take 30% off your first box with the code DRSEUSS. Sophia, here, aged almost 10, received her first box in Kiwi Crate's Doodle Box subscription. She LOVED it. At first, because this is for the older kids (aged 9-16+), it was a bit more challenging than the Crates she had had in the past, and she expressed some frustration. But, believing that this was good for her, I left her alone. She created what she wanted to out of the Crate and then used the paints to decorate her face a number of different ways. She's a completely creative kid, and this Crate really sparked her imagination!
Jack (nearly 12), on the other hand, is my mechanic. Thus, he received his first box in Kiwi Crate's Tinker Crate subscription (ages 8-14+). Again, like Sophie, he was more challenged with this kit, but again, I left him alone. And what a transformation! He put together the kits himself and was beaming with pride at what he had created. I was thrilled, since he is a difficult child to make happy.
Anyway, though not exactly Wordless, I thought I'd share the only two snaps of their processes I was able to get Saturday night. They Doodle'd and Tinker'd too quickly! ;)
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Wordless Wednesday: Kiwi Crate Crafts

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My kiddos LOVE getting Kiwi Crate projects in the mail. We don't do it regularly anymore, but I got a great deal on some crates, so I bought two for each child. Last night, I got the inevitable "I'm bored" from Sophia, so though I had intended them for Advent activities, I decided to let them each do one. Sophia chose her rainforest crate.


Each crate came with a magazine for extra expansion activities on the topic, and Sophie got started by reading about hers. I could tell she was getting excited to start creating!


Jack came over and wanted to know what we were doing, so I let him pick: he chose the Robot crate.


Chloe (I got a new keyboard and can't figure out how to put the dots over her "e" yet, argh!) wandered over, finally, and decided to get busy on a craft of her own. She chose the Camping crate.


Sophia's Rainforest crate came with a rainstick-making activity, which she loved! I thought she did a great job, and it worked really well.


The crate also came with a frog-launching game, and she built it really well. Her frogs landed right where they were supposed to, in the "pond." Fun!


Chloe's crate came with a camfire-building activity that really lit up. I thought she did a great job, and though the crate was a little young for her, she enjoyed the activity. There was a backpack sunprint activity in the kit, too, but we'll have to do that during sunny hours of course!


Jack's Robot crate was really right up his alley, and you can tell from his look of concentration that he enjoyed it (which is saying quite a lot, if you know this selective kid). I made a video of his paper robot, powered by a wind-up toy, which you can see if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook. Here, his magnetic robot game moves the robot around a maze with, obviously, the power of robots. I could hear him playing with both of these in his room, after we cleaned up the crafts from the living room. Pretty cool!

If you like these and want to check out Kiwi Crate, here's my referral link for $10 off your first order. They have tons more crates available for all ages, and my kids have always enjoyed them. (Note: this post was not compensated; I just wanted to share and get back in the blogosphere game!)

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Wordless Wednesday: Paco, 4 Months

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This little guy, who we've named Paco in recognition of his Mexican descent, joined our family on September 11th at 12 weeks old. He's now about 17 weeks, and aside from having a hard time moving from the puppy pads on which he was originally trained to going potty outside, he's absolutely darling. 


He's 4.2 lbs now, but he was a pound lighter when we got him, so he's really chunking up! No, he's not fat at all, I kid. He's actually growing, though he's still so impossibly tiny. He LOVES to play, both with his people and with Pepper:


Pepper, for his part just puts up with Paco to the extreme. He bats back at him, which is hilarious, and then he just trots away when he's had enough. 

I've been wanting a Chihuahua puppy for some 35 years, and Rob let me get him for my 38th birthday. I adore him... and while it's clear he loves me, too, he's chosen Rob as his person. They're two peas in a pod!

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Wordless Wednesday: First Day Of School

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We homeschool, and our first day of school for the year 2014-2015 was yesterday! From left to right, the kids are: Sophia, 4th grade; Jack, 6th grade; and Chloë, 8th grade.


Here are the kids working on Math! May not be the neatest, cleanest picture, but it's comfy and cozy. ;)


After getting our work done for the day, we celebrated the new year with a trip to Dairy Queen! I'm glad we were finished, because Sophia was on quite a sugar high after her hot fudge sundae!

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Wordless Wednesday: Meet Miranda

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Rest in pieces, Miguelly-welly... After a t-bone collision on Friday night, Miguel was no longer road-worthy, nor safe for transporting our progeny.

So, on a whim, we stopped at the KIA dealership near church on Sunday afternoon, just to make a "brief" inquiry...


Monday afternoon, we took ownership of Miranda, our new KIA Sedona. It took some getting used to, since it was abrupt and not at all a planned switch, but I like her. She'll do just fine.

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Wordless Wednesday: In Which All We Ever Do Is Eat #WW

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Again this week, I have a lot of food pictures to share, and again, I'll be a bit on the chattier side.

Let's go!


Last Thursday was a really cool day for Team Odette. We drove up to Fort Lauderdale for a quadruple-play traveling lunch-into-dinner mystery shopping tour. Here, Sophia was doing the spoon-on-the-nose trick at a semi-upscale cheesecake restaurant chain we all (probably) know. That's us, keeping it classy!


When we finally arrived home that night, we were pretty pumped and not yet ready to end the day. While Hubs and I sat outside watching the sunset, the kids rode around the neighborhood on their scooters. It's such a blast watching them whip down sidewalks and around sidewalks like they've been doing it all their lives and not just a week or two. Chloë hopped up on the hood of Miguel, our car, after sunset for one last snap.


We've been getting food delivered from Hello Fresh, on their vegetarian plan. It's awesome, because they send us everything we need to make enough meals for the week and then some, with the recipes included in the package. I love the food, but it's pricey now that our introductory offer is over, so I need to cancel it. Worth a try, though... Anyway, these black bean-and-rice cakes over a corn and pepper relish with lime sour cream were excellent.


We've also been getting all our eggs and produce from a local farm stand nearby, which is by far what I prefer to do rather than have it shipped to us. I've been trying to incorporate as many new foods into the kids' repertoires as I can, and encouraging them to choose the recipes and help me prepare them seems to make it more likely they'll actually eat those newer foods. I had guava, mango, and papaya to use, so we made what turned out to be just regular rice pudding with those fruits and some blueberries on top - but it was still really good.

(Not pictured: A delicious mango bread loaf or two we made the same night but gobbled down before I remembered to photograph it.)


I'm still really, really loving this pizza dough recipe from a recent issue of Martha Stewart's Living magazine. The latest batch a day or two ago was the best yet. I keep meaning to freeze the dough to pull out for whenever, but it kinda just keeps getting used and eaten! This first one was beautiful, both visually and gustatorially. (Is that the right word?!) I used cherry tomatoes, both red ones and orangey-yellow ones, separately blanched, peeled, and puréed to make a color-blocked sauce topped with extra virgin olive oil and coarse salt. Bits and blobs of goat cheese topped it off. That one didn't last a New York minute on the kids' plates!


The kids turned their noses up at this thinly-slivered eggplant parmesan pizza I made up next, but I still made 'em each try a bite. No go. Oh, well, introduce it six times and maybe they'll say "Yum!" on the sixth try, right? Funny story: Sophia walked in on me later that night, helping myself to a square of this pizza but tossing the eggplant before I ate it. Haha! Busted.


I don't do meat, and Rob is trying to give it up as well, but we're still using up what's been in our deep freezer for a few months. The last pizza was ALL Rob, and he found it to be quite delectable. A simple tomato sauce for the base, topped with browned spicy Italian sausage and fresh green and red peppers from the farm stand, along with mushrooms and green olives from Publix. I'd made a similar one without the peppers for him the week before, but he said the peppers really made the pizza, so we had a WIN with this one.


Jack wasn't thrilled with ANY of the pizzas, because he's pretty much a meat-and-bread boy. He doesn't like tomatoes in any form, cheese in any form, or pretty much anything else in any form. Picky, picky. I had a recipe for turkey meatballs from chef Mario Batali in a recent issue of People magazine in mind, so I offered to make some up for him. I don't like to play short-order cook, but since he's a 45-pound 11-year-old, I don't like him to not eat, either. (Put down your phone; he has pituitary dwarfism and will always be tiny!)

I made some without sauce for him and the ever-hungry Sophia, and the rest were cooked in an amazing red wine, rosemary and garlic sauce for Rob. Jack ate a whole two golf ball-sized meatballs, as did Sophia, and Rob ate a half-dozen after his meatzza. He was so full, he could scarcely walk, so he sat at the table for a while after that, completely unable to move. Hee.


Nothing local or fresh about dessert that night, but Chloë had been asking to bake some chocolate chip cookies with me for a while, so I accepted her request. We were out of flour after my pizza crust binge, and we needed milk to go with the cookies (duh), and I have been all about the eggs lately, so another trip to Publix was in order. I rode my bike while Jack and Chloë rode along on their scooters. (Sophia was having a bath and was quite annoyed we went without her.)

The kids have only ridden around our neighborhood, and they have been delighted with that because the nabe kids have been home from public school. They've made half a dozen new friends this week, and they keep knocking on our door asking if my kids can come out and play. However, a trip outside the 'hood was a new experience, and along the way to Publix and back, I heard lots of woos and shouts of, "This is exhilarating!", "I can't believe we're doing this!" and "I feel so alive!" that made for a wonderful mom-moment for me, too.

(P.S. The Publix cashier was shocked when I told her I was on my bike and proceeded to put the flour and a gallon of milk on the bottom of my backpack, and then the carton of eggs on top to ride home. But I was right; they survived just fine. Did not try this with bread!)


Still in baking mode this morning, I woke up the family around 0900 with freshly baked blueberry shortcakes and fresh Florida grapefruit halves from the farm stand. Rob laughed at me when I complained that my cream wouldn't whip, before he reminded me that I was using half-and-half and not heavy whipping cream. Oops. Publix again.


Last but definitely not least, dinner tonight was another meal provided by Hello Fresh. I roasted the onions, cherry tomatoes, yellow squash, and garlic in some EVOO while boiling the rotini. Tossed it all with some fresh basil and parmesan cheese, and voila! Rob and I adored it; I was kind of grumpy that I couldn't fit more in my little gastric-bypass pouch because it was that tasty. Simple; I'll make it again but with local food.

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Wordless Wednesday: Vacation Days

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We're on a getaway in the Orlando-Kissimmee area this week, so here are a few snaps from our trip so far:






(This is a CocoVino wine from Schnebly's Winery in Redlands, near where we live in Miami. It's coconut-flavored and super-delish!)



Fun times!

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Wordless Wednesday: Self-Flagellation




{I've been a tad naughty on Facebook this morning, so I'm punishing myself: I'm extremely nauseous from migraine side-effects right now, so of course the last thing I want to see are alcoholic beverages and rich desserts! Ugh. On the other hand, mystery shopping ain't such a bad gig, as seen from these recent shots I 'grammed... ;)}

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Wordless Wednesday: BOO! #Halloween #Wordless


I'd heard about "BOO-ing" your neighbors in the past, but this year I was inspired to actually do it.

We've got tons of candy for Halloween from all the great deals I've been getting, and extra pumpkin baskets, too, so we decided to go for it.

We went over here to get the poem and "You've been BOO-ed" print-out, and the kids and I set up the baskets full of treats.

Of course, I had to take a picture of them going "BOO!" before we did the actual, you know, booing.

We picked a nearby neighbor to surprise and did a ding-dong-dash before sneaking away to the shadows for them to open the door and find their surprise.

They exclaimed about the pumpkin filled with treats, yelled, "THANK YOU!" and off we ran, giggling at the fun.

My kids were SO excited, we did it again right away to another neighbor.

Have you ever been "booed" this way? Have you ever "booed" someone else? Share the deets!

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Wordless Wednesday: Halloween Season

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I promised the kids a little bit of Halloween fun all October long, so these devilled spider eggs are my first entry for the season. Fun!

(and yes, I know the leg count is wrong)


And, apropos of nothing, I made my first-ever pineapple upside-down cake. It was okay; I'm not a huge fan of cake anyway, so I'm not the best judge!


Wordless Wednesday: Baking It Up!

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I've been knitting the doll sweaters I mentioned in a previous post, so when I got paid for the latest batch, I decided to spend a small portion of the money on some delicious desserts for my family. I love to bake, and my friend Erica has been talking about these a lot lately, so I was first inspired to make this yummy Angel Food cake. I added some freshly whipped cream and juicy red raspberries to make it a wee bit more nutritious. I had never made one before, and it was HUGE hit with the kids. Chloë, my oldest, even said it was the best cake she'd ever had!


Jack, my 10-year-old son, asked for a cheesecake while I was baking the Angel Food (I hadn't told them what it would be, and he was hoping), so I baked that the following day. Of course, I like to make a huge, New York-style kind like I had growing up in that state, and I topped it high with fresh strawberries for a punch of color and nutrition. Personally, I was a little disappointed in it as it felt a little gritty and less creamy than I wanted, but my standards for cheesecake are extremely high. Everyone else loved it, and they devoured it within two days!

What have you been cooking up lately?


Not-So-Wordless Wednesday: An August August #WW #Wordless

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I've largely been absent this month, as I've said, so I haven't posted a lot of pictures. Here are a few, in random order, from our August:

002 (2)

We went to a big back-to-school bash at our local YMCA, where the girls received painted-on 'tattoos.'

003 (2)

Chloë got a sparkly blue dolphin.

004 (2)

Sophie was chomping at the bit to get her painting.


She loved her four-leaf clover!


Jack and Muffin cuddling together on the couch - they are best buds.


The other night, Chloë baked a gorgeous banana bread all by herself; all I did was call out the ingredients and measurements to her!


We had a sweet treat the other day; guess what Sophia thinks of doughnuts?


We went to a fun party at a local church and met some great new people. The kids were given balloon animals. Here's Sophia telling what she wanted.

Church Show

There were kids doing bike and skateboard tricks at the church party. Some were really good!


The Manx kittens we rescued in April have grown like weeds! They are still entirely kittenish, though - they get into more trouble than Sophia, if you can believe it!

Planes Movie

I got free tickets to any Disney movie, and Jack is super-fond of planes, so of course I had to take him to see the movie Planes in 3D! He loved it. (As for me? Meh.)

Pepper Vet

Pepper got locked up! He's been spraying, so we're trying to finance a neutering for him, but in the meantime he's living in the master bathroom. He took a trip to the vet recently for a check-up and got a clean bill of health. The vet agreed he's likely a Maine Coon. Our sweet boy! ♥


Sophie and I took a walk to a nearby store, and she spotted this really cool fungus near the sidewalk. I don't know what it was, but it sure looked funky!


There are all kinds of creatures living in our neighborhood, including these HUGE slugs we're always finding on our patio. I nearly stepped on this one - ick!

Kitty Kindle

Lucky has been busy doing school on the Kindle with the kids! ;)


Speaking of which, it's not unusual to find Sophia doing her schoolwork in odd positions! She's such a goose.


The kids are so conscientious about picking up litter when we go for walks. They each had armfuls to deposit in the garbage on another recent walk! I'm so proud of that.


We broke out our school's musical instruments for a jam session recently. The girls played multiple instruments at a time. Can you say 'cacophony'??


Everyone's so excited to start their Spanish education with Rosetta Stone! Woohoo! I bought the Latin American version because, duh, we live in Miami!

UM Alumni

We went to the University of Miami (my alma mater) Alumni Reunion at a Miami bar. It was sort of... eh. This shot of my cocktail is the only one I took, if that says anything. (We only went for the free drinks and eats, I can't lie.)


Jack's been loving all the Planes tie-ins at Lowe's Build & Grow workshops lately!


I hit up some school supply sales for the kids, and they had such a blast discovering everything I'd bought. We are set for this school year!


My hair is growing, slowly but surely. I've decided, for the first time in my life, to grow out my bangs. They're right in my eyes currently; I need to get some clips and pin them back. That's not the budget right now, though, so it's really annoying!


My friend J is a car seat guru, so I had her recommend a new one to me for Sophia, who used and abused the hell out of her last one! She suggested one that sells for less than $13 at Walmart, which of course made me SO happy. Soap loves the design!

Flower pot

I had Sophie do an arts-and-crafts project that Chloë later joined: they painted the inside of empty jars to make colorful flower pots. A fun activity!


After that, I gave them crepe paper and other materials to fashion some flowers for their new pots. It was pretty awesome, and I wish I'd taken some photos of those before the girls dispersed them throughout the house. I think they lasted in the actual pots for a total of an hour.

Welp, that's it from me for this morning. Hope you enjoyed!


{Not-So-} Wordless Wednesday: Celebrating Father's Day #Wordless

We had some fun over the weekend, showering Rob with our love and attention. I'm linking up at 5 Minutes for Mom for Wordless Wednesday, though this post will be wordFUL. You can link up there and other linkies for a fun blog hop. Join us, won'tcha?


First, a child who is neither Rob nor looks like her father, Sophia. She and, to be fair, her brother and sister are always losing their glasses, so I snapped the picture when hers had actually been found for once. I'm sure they're already lost again... She looks so much older than her eight years here, amiright?


We had coupons for free flatbread pizzas at Chili's, so we went for dinner Friday night. Only, when we got there, we found a line going out the door and a 40-minute wait. We were going to leave, but Jack begged us to go into the restaurant next door: Portofino. We said we would check out the menu and see if it was affordable on our meagre budget - and it was! Here's Jack, lying down on the bench next to me while we waited for our food.


And this is the same child, posing with Yours Truly, who is almost embarrassed to post this picture of me looking so OLD. I don't, normally, swears! It's just that my face is pushed up on his and- oh, never mind.


And finally, there is the daddy in question, along with his mini-me, Chloë. The two of them, man! Since she was born, it's like he's looking in a mirror!


We ordered the Margherita pizza at Portofino, and Sophie stuck her head in when I went to Instagram it. Silliness!


After dinner - which was superb, by the way - we went to walk off our full bellies around the shopping complex where Portofino lives. At the back of the buildings, we found approximately 80,000 itty-bitty toads jumping around the grass. Sophie lovescatching anything that moves, really, so she begged us to let her go catch one. All the kids joined in the fun.


They caught one each, and then two and three each, and everyone was in hysterics. We were quite the merry band of misfits, leaping around trying to catch toadlets. We were up to no good after that, blowing out the torch flames outside a third restaurant, setting toads free (and then catching them) inside a building, and so on. We're such good examples! :\


On Sunday, in the afternoon, we headed over to our community clubhouse pool for the first time. It's 25 bucks to get in, which is a ridiculous racket if you ask me, but we didn't have it on us, so they just let us in. I never would have imagined four years ago that I'd be standing there, posing in my bathing suit for all the world to see!


The kids - and we parents, truth be told - had a blast in the pool. Sophia found a mask and spent the time diving around, looking at everyone and everything underwater. Jack learned to swim, though not well and not for long, but it's a great start. Chloë mostly hung out in the shallow water and by the steps. She's a very timid, delicate little flower, don't you know.


The kids all clung to me at one point, making a "Baby Raft." It was a lot easier to hold three babies at once when they were knee-high to a grasshopper. Little bit more difficult now!


After the pool, we dried off and went to Chili's for those flatbreads. They were good, but I'll leave that alone for now as I want to keep this a positive post! ;) After dinner, we again needed to walk off our full tummies, so Chloë asked to go walk around the neighborhood. We haven't done that in a while, like we use to do on a nightly basis.


At the lake, Sophie stopped short and pointed, sadly. There was a dead duck on the ground. We've been joyously watching the eggs, then the babies, and the parents, and now, this sad end of the the lifecycle. She's got such a tender heart for animals, but sometimes it needs to happen, and we can't always avoid it.


I love this picture of Jack. The way he's standing, his posture - so grown. Not big, of course, but an older stance. He's so proud of being TEN!


After we left the lake, we walked around the rest of the neighborhood, where I took fotos of everything from, as my dad would say, "the ridiculous to the sublime." You'll see.


Sophia, lover of all creatures great and small, was the first to spot this "callapittar." (She still says it before catching herself.) I cautioned her immediately not to touch it, having more than one run-in with a spiky caterpillar in my own day and not wanting her to experience the same discomfort. They heeded (hed?) my warning.


I wish I knew plants. I like flowers, but I never know what they are. I don't like picked, gifted flowers generally, though. I like them in the ground, where (to me) they belong.


A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose...


Believe it or not, when I take these pictures, I usually try to compose them nicely. I took an art class my last semester of college, and I learned about making a composition work so that your eye keeps moving back up and doesn't fall off the bottom of the page. Items in the composition are supposed to lead your eye upward. That's what I was trying to accomplish here, but when I don't think I achieved that in this case. So, a picture of blurry fleurs for nothing.


Same here, although I do think this composition is resolved. Eh, whatever. You don't come here to be wowed by my artistry, anyway. (Why do you come here? It's all blither and blather all the time. My husband likes that, but you?)


This hose was striking to me, so I took a picture of it. Even hose need love. Heh. See what I did there?


I love, love, love palm trees. It's what I think of when I think of Miami, and it's the first thing I looked for when we moved down here in March. They fascinate me to no end. Even the "palm carcasses," as I call them, lying around on the ground, entertain me. Such huge leaves sloughed off in an instant - amazing!


Surprisingly, I think it was Jack who spotted this little guy (or gal?) climbing up an apartment wall. The kids crowded around to get a peek, and of course Soap wanted to take him home. We vetoed that idea immediately, and when she asked why, Rob said, "Because he's got important snail stuff to do!" True, but it tickled me just the same.


Hm. When I spotted this gouge in the sidewalk, and when I first took the picture, it looked like an eye crying. Now, I don't see it. Do you see it? I don't see it.


On Instagram, I captioned this one, "It's Electric! Boogie-woogie-woogie," and now I want to go to a wedding, which may be the last place on earth where it's safe to do that dance.


Chloë, my little treehugger, was asking about how pigs and cows, etc., get slaughtered for their meat. Sophie, too, but when I finally broke down and filled her in a little bit, she declared she might join me in vegetarianism. I make no push to get them to do this, but if she so chooses, I'd let her.


I love animal behavior, and really, all behavior is interesting - including that of this flower, all closed up for the night. Still beautiful!


I tried to make a picture of all three kids being, as we are always telling them to be, "nice, kind, sweet and loving." Only, when Sophie's hair fell in Jack's face, he had a conniption about it and the moment was spoiled. I took the picture anyway, because it amuses me greatly.


I don't like to let the kids run on sidewalks and other hard surfaces, because they are klutzy like their mama, and I hate to see a busted-up face. They wanted to race down the length of the sidewalk, and Rob let them, however. Well, I guess this one time won't kill them. I should video the kids running. Maybe next time I will. Sophia takes off like a shot; Jack keeps up fairly well, but Chloë tip-toes along ever so daintily. It's highly entertaining.


After the race - which Sophia won, natch - we were all barefoot, so I stopped to take a picture. I guess you can guess which are mine? We are not big-footed people, but the mutant (Sophie, that is) has the largest feet. At 8, she's already wearing my size 5½ shoes! Meanwhile, I still have to shop for Jack's in the toddler section...


Sophia found this something-or-other-plant and picked it up, declaring that it was her trophy for winning the foot race. She's so much fun, that one!


At that point, Chloë pointed up at the sky and showed us the streams of light from the setting sun. Beautiful. Thanks, God, for that glorious day.


Closer up, that cloud looked somewhat alarming. We headed home.


Another arty one, sorry. This time, I pointed top left, instead of top right. I don't normally do that, so take note, because there will be a quiz at the end!


This one neighbor's apartment was Fern City. I wish I didn't have a black thumb. I love things that grow; I just seem to have a knack for making them stop doing that.


{Oops, this was from outside Chili's, after the pool; it was in the wrong place in my photo line-up. We headed straight there after swimming, without stopping to go home for clothes, and Chloë had nothing to wear except her swimsuit. I rustled through the back of the van and came up with this shirt of mine for the Goodwill bin! She loved it, which was funny, because it's way too big even for me!}


We passed by the mailboxes and saw, as usual, "Mailbox Kitty" there. Before I could stop her, Sophia had scooped her up and given her quite the vigorous snuggle. "Into the tub as soon as we get home!" I decreed. Fine to pet and wash hands, but this was too much. And yeah, she's blind, poor thing.


And then Jack did the same thing! So they both had showers as soon as we got home, because as sweet as she is, she's probably home and habitat to all manner of who-knows-what. I do think my boy-child looks particularly beautiful in this photo.


And then we reached home, shortly after visiting Mailbox Kitty. They're making the Peace sign, if you couldn't tell. Why they look so sad here is anyone's guess. The idea of baths to come, maybe?

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